Daniel Coe, son of Moses Coe, was born 3 Mar 1801 in Washington Co PA and died 17 (Union Co history) or 18 Jan 1851 in Milford Center, Union Co OH. He was married 11 Apr 1822 in Jefferson Co OH [Vol. 2, p. 262] by Thos. Hunt, "Pastor of 2 Ridges & Richmond congregations", to Mary Gladden, daughter of Joseph Gladden and wife Hannah Munn, who was born 18 Jan 1804 in Jefferson Co OH, and died 28 Apr 1893 in Milford Center, Union Co OH. This marriage, along with that for Mary's brother, David to Elizabeth Winters, were also recorded by Thomas Hunt in the record book of the Second Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh PA, which charge he had from 1809 to 1818, just previous to his stay in Jefferson Co OH. Daniel Coe was mentioned in an 1819 deed amongst the children of the deceased Moses Coe and was a resident of Canonsburg, Peters Twp., Washington Co PA at the time. The History of Union County OH, p. 88, states that Coe moved to Jefferson Co OH to live with his brother, Moses Coe, after his parents died. Daniel Coe did not sell the Pennsylvania farm until 3 Mar 1834 to William Park for $3601, when he removed to Union Co OH, settling in Allen Twp. Coe was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, a farmer, and a carpenter. He lived on the present Darby Coe Road about one mile north of Milford Center. "He is credited with building one of Union County's first grist mills, which he began on Darby Creek in 1836 [The Journal-Tribune, 19 Jul 1985]." The couple were life-long members of the Presbyterian Church, where Coe served as an elder. In 1854, the widow, Mary (Gladden) Coe, removed into Marysville, with the son, Philip, caring for the farm. The administration packet for Mary Coe [#4333] is found in Union County. The petition to sell land names several heirs, mostly grandchildren, as many children of this venerable lady had died.
  1. Philip, b. 28 Apr 1823 Canonsburg PA; m(1) Elizabeth Woodworth; m(2) Louisa S. Smith
  2. Joseph, b. 22 Jan 1825 Canonsburg PA; Co. D, 13th OVI; m. Mary Clark; removed to Springfield MA
  3. Moses, b. 9 Dec 1826 Canonsburg PA; m. Martha Boal
  4. Hannah, b. 21 Mar 1829 Canonsburg PA; m. K.L. Wood
  5. Sarah, b. 24 May 1831 Canonsburg PA; d. 30 May 1901; m. John W. Robinson
  6. Elizabeth, b. 10 Sep 1833 Canonsburg PA; m(1) Feb 1855 Dr. Swayne; m(2) Sep 1867 L.H. Smith; to Kansas
  7. Mary, b. 5 Apr 1836 Milford Center OH; m. Mr. Henderson
  8. Jane, b. 24 Apr 1838 Milford Center OH
  9. William Gladden, b. 2 May 1841 Milford Center OH
  10. Olive Gladden, b. 3 Jul 1843 Milford Center OH
  11. Martha, b. 13 Oct 1845 Milford Center OH
  12. Isabelle, b. 18 May 1849 Milford Center OH