David Mitchell, son of Samuel Mitchell and wife Margaret Alexander, was born 30 Apr 1761 in Lancaster Co PA, and died 28 Jan 1836 in Darby Twp., Union Co OH. He was married in 1782 in Lancaster Co PA to Martha Black, born 8 Aug 1764 in Lancaster Co PA, and died 20 Sep 1823 in Union Co OH. Both were buried in Mitchell Cemetery in Union Co OH. David Mitchell married second to Rebecca Nelson, born 1774, died 1824; and married third to Hannah Caldwell. David Mitchell settled in Union Co OH in 1799, coming with his father. David and Martha Mitchell were among the original members of the Upper Liberty Presbyterian Church, in what is now Union Twp., formed in late 1807 or early 1808. He received 126 acres on Darby's Creek, survey #3312, from Lucas Sullivant of Franklin Co (Madison Co OH deeds) on 2 Feb 1815. Mitchell is listed in the 1820 census for Darby Twp., p. 208. David Mitchell Jr., Margaret Boal, and John Robinson, are among the names of note on the following page. David Mitchell became a Justice of the Peace in Darby Township and later an Associate Judge in Union County. They are also claimed by Madison County, per a March 1819 tax list, which gives the names: Samuel Mitchell, David Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell Jr., Moses Mitchell, and David Mitchell Jr. In 1830, David Mitchell, age 60-70, appears on p. 282, Darby Twp. The 1883 History of Madison County, Ohio [p. 294] says that Judge Mitchell "was a very extensive stock dealer and for a time was one of the leading pork-packers of Columbus." The Union Co will [Common Pleas, Vol. 1, p. 269] of David Mitchell was made 4 Aug 1835. Nine children were named, males first, then females, in order of birth. These were apparently sons of the first wife, as John Jolley, a witness to the will, testifies 2 Feb 1836 that all David Mitchell's first wife's children were to get $10 each, and that he did intend to leave Jesse Mitchell $10, and that he just forgot to name him in said will. His wife Hannah is mentioned in the will, and the two youngest sons, John Caldwell Mitchell and Alexander Robinson Mitchell, presumeably by this third wife. Mrs. Hannah Mitchell, and David, Jane, and Martha Elizabeth, were received in the Associate Presbyterian Church of Darby on 18 Jun 1836. On 19 Nov 1836, Hannah was cited for using profane and unbecoming language. She denied the same. Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson, as a called witness, stated that "she had heard Mrs. Mitchell call Mary Barret a cursed or dirty bitch and always complaining about her." The session voted to "publicly intimate" Hannah Mitchell. Perhaps some of the children did not get along with their stepmother after David Mitchell Sr. died. Hannah Mitchell left a will [Union Co OH Common Pleas, Vol. 1, p. 138] filed in July 1839. Thomas D. Caldwell refused to serve as guardian for John C. Mitchell and Alexander R. Mitchell, "infant" heirs of David Mitchell, Sr., and the court appointed John W. Robinson, guardian. An entry for 28 Jul 1846 states that John C. Mitchell, age 20 on 25 Aug 1846, made choice of John W. Robinson as his guardian.
  1. Moses
  2. Samuel
  3. George, deceased at time of father's will
  4. David
  5. Margaret, m. James Boal
  6. Martha, m. Robert Nelson
  7. Jesse, b. 4 Nov 1799 Union Co OH (first white child born in county); m. 1823 Elizabeth Robinson
  8. Elizabeth, b. ca. 28 May 1803 Union Co OH; m. John Welch Robinson
  9. James Dickson
  10. Aaron
  11. John Caldwell
  12. Alexander Robinson, b. 25 Aug 1826 Union Co OH