Joshua F. Ballinger, son of Samuel Ballinger and wife Elizabeth Groff, was born in 20 Oct 1762 at Evesham, Burlington Co NJ. His will was made on 23 - 12th month 1812, and proved 25 Jan 1814 in Champaign Co OH (Vol. A, p. 28). His widow, Sarah (Jones) Ballinger, daughter of Henry Jones and wife Hope Lippincott, also left a will in Champaign Co (Vol. A, p. 83), made 17 - 11th month 1817, and proved 27 Jun 1818. Caleb Ballinger and Allen Haines were executors. Joshua and Sarah Ballinger had been married 9 Feb 1784 in NJ. Her birthdate is given as 1764. Joshua Ballinger was disowned for "marrying contrary to discipline" on 1 mo. 7, 1785, per Evesham Monthly Meeting minutes. Joshua Ballinger purchased land in what is now Liberty Twp., Ross Co, on 28 Jul 1801. In Feb 1804, Ballinger bought 59 acres of survey #539, Union Twp., from Henry Massie [Vol. 5, p. 66], and this was sold in 1806. An 1810 patent on 640 acres in Liberty Twp (the original land) was filed for his brother-in-law, as the Ballinger family had moved in 1806 to what is now Middleburg, Logan Co., near the Champaign Co line. They were granted a certificate of removal on 1 mo. 8, 1808, from Evesham Monthly Meeting to Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio. Their farm there encompassed 600 acres, survey #3680 in Zane Twp. The deed was not filed until 2 Nov 1816, after Joshua Ballinger had died. There is a Champaign Co OH guardianship (Gdn Vol. 1, p. 27; and Common Pleas Minute Book, Vol. 3, p. 2), dated 17 Sep 1814 for Sarah Balinger, guardian of Caleb Balinger, age 19; Thomas Balinger, age 16; and Sarah Balinger, age 15, all heirs of Joshua Balinger. A petition to partition was filed 13 Apr 1818 (Vol. 3, p.119), stating that Joshua Ballinger died owning 600 acres on Beaver Run, as entered by Robert Powers. The land was awarded to heirs: Abner and Hope Winder (50 acres), Patience Ballinger (64 1/4 acres), Joshua and Elizabeth Sharp (77 acres), Caleb Ballinger (55 acres), Joseph and Rachel Haines (67 acres), Allen and Sarah Haines (64 1/4 acres), and Thomas Ballinger, a minor (60 acres), all of Champaign Co OH. The couple were buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Logan Co OH.
  1. Hope, b. 14 Feb 1787 [5 Apr 1786 Arledge]; m. 16 [or 15 - Arledge] Apr 1802 to Abner Winder
  2. Elizabeth, b. 1790 Burlington Co NJ; m. 1810 to Joshua Sharp
  3. Henry, b. 1791; m. 22 Jul 1811 to Patience Bishop
  4. Caleb, b. 1 Nov 1794 Burlington Co NJ; m(1) 12 Jul 1815 Champaign Co to Rebecca Branson; m(2) 25 May 1842 Logan Co to Sarah Branson, the widow of Robert Branson; and m(3) license 17 Apr 1843 Logan Co to Hannah (Jackson) Wheeler
  5. Rachel, b. 1 Nov 1794 Burlington Co NJ; m. 6 Apr 1813 to Rev. Joseph Haines
  6. Thomas, b. 1798 VA [ca 1792 Burlington Co NJ per Arledge]; m. 8 Feb 1818 Champaign Co OH to Patience (Bishop) Ballinger, widow of brother Henry Ballinger
  7. Sarah, b. 3 Jun 1799 VA [1800 Burlington Co NJ - Arledge]; m. 2 Jan 1817 Champaign Co to Allen Haines