Moses Coe, son of Benjamin Coe and wife Rachel Prudden, was born 18 Aug 1750 in New Jersey, baptised 7 Oct 1750 Morristown Church; died 27 Mar 1813 in Washington Co PA. He was married 26 Mar 1778 to Sarah Howell, daughter of Lleyellyn and Esther Howell, born 18 Oct 1753; died 6 Apr 1813. Moses Coe served in the American Revolution as an "Ensign" in the Westmoreland County PA Rangers (PA Archives, Vol. 23, p. 308; Series 5, Vol. 4, p. 395). In 1781, he was taxed in Peters Twp., Washington Co PA with 3 horses, 4 cattle, and 4 sheep. In the 1790 census there (p. 247), Coe was listed with 2 males over 16 years, 2 males under 16 years, and 4 females. He appears at Petersburg, Washington Co PA in 1810, p. 549. He was a farmer and miller. He was also an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. Moses Coe acquired a tract of land from Thomas Edgington [Vol. A] near Wintersville, Jefferson Co OH in 1799 which he left to his son, Moses Coe (1791-1856). He may have been in Ohio as early as 1799, although his will was made in Washington Co PA on 23 Mar 1813 and probated there on 30 Mar 1813. His will is also filed in Jefferson Co OH [Will Book 4, pp. 1-3] since he owned Ohio land. The will named his wife, Sarah. Oldest son, Benjamin, and son, Moses, were to get the 320 acres in Ohio where they now live. Philip was to receive the home farm and half the mills; Daniel was to receive the farm where Samuel Anderson now lives, and the other half of the mills. Daughter Esther's children were mentioned, "with her having the use of it so that Daniel Crane cannot get any of it." Daughters, Jennet, Mary and Sarah were named, and unnamed "minor heirs" were noted, not necessarily different from those named. An 1819 deed lists heirs, Benjamin Coe and wife Elizabeth, Moses Coe and wife Esther, John Gibson and wife Jane, all of Jefferson Co OH; and Daniel Crane and wife Esther, Erasmus Allison and wife Mary, Sarah Coe, and Daniel Coe, all of Washington Co PA. Moses Coe heirs were owners of land in Strabane Twp., Washington Co PA. It is not known if Moses Coe ever resided on his Ohio land, as he consistently appears in records of Washington Co PA.
  1. Esther, b. 19 Jun 1779 Hanover NJ; m. Daniel Crane
  2. Rachel, b. 26 Jan 1781 Westmoreland Co PA; died young
  3. Jeanette; b. 6 Jan 1782 western PA; d. 5 May 1865 Melmore, Seneca Co OH; m. Capt. John Gibson
  4. Elizabeth, b. 29 Nov 1783 western PA; died unmarried
  5. Benjamin, b. 15 Oct 1785 Washington Co PA; d. 23 Feb 1843 (stone 1842) Wintersville, Jefferson Co OH; m. Eliz. Bell
  6. Llewellyn, b. 20 Nov 1797 Washington Co PA; died young
  7. Mary, b. 21 Nov 1789 Washington Co PA; married Erasmus Allison
  8. Moses, b. 27 Dec 1791 Washington Co PA; d. 7 Jun 1856 (stone 1857) Wintersville, Jefferson Co; m. Esther Harrad
  9. Sarah, b. 19 Jul 1794 Washington Co PA; m. Thomas Kerr
  10. Philip, b. 10 Aug 1798 Washington Co PA; d. 13 Oct 1817 Jefferson Co OH
  11. Daniel, b. 3 Mar 1801 Washington Co PA; d. 17 Jan 1851 Milford Center, Union Co OH; m. Mary Gladden