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Joshua F. Ballinger Joshua F. Ballinger, son of Samuel Ballinger and wife Elizabeth Groff, was born in 20 Oct 1762 at Evesham, Burlington Co NJ. His will was made on 23 - 12th month 1812, and proved 25 Jan 1814 in Champaign Co OH (Vol. A, p. 28).
Samuel Ballinger Samuel Ballinger, son of Thomas Ballinger and Elizabeth Elkinton, was born 5 mo. 19, 1733, as recorded in Quaker records of Evesham, Burlington Co NJ, and in a Bible owned by Lydia Ballinger Bell in 1929. He died 2 mo. 22, 1822 in Perry Twp., Logan Co OH (or at Evesham NJ).
Daniel Coe Daniel Coe, son of Moses Coe, was born 3 Mar 1801 in Washington Co PA and died 17 (Union Co history) or 18 Jan 1851 in Milford Center, Union Co OH.
Moses Coe Moses Coe, son of Benjamin Coe and wife Rachel Prudden, was born 18 Aug 1750 in New Jersey, baptised 7 Oct 1750 Morristown Church; died 27 Mar 1813 in Washington Co PA.
Christoph Demuth Christoph Demuth, son of Gottleib Demuth and wife Eva Barbara Gutsler (the widow of Henry Hehl), was born 12 Aug 1755 (new tombstone 22 Aug) in Allemangel, Lynn Twp. PA; baptized 14 Sep 1755; and died 27 Jan 1823 (new tombstone 1822) in Warwick Twp., Tuscarawas Co OH.
Jacob Figley Jacob Figley, parents unknown, was born in Pennsylvania, and a resident of Tuscarawas Co OH. He died 19 Aug 1873 age 76 years, 3 months, and 7 days.
Jacob Marion Flickinger Jacob Marion Flickinger, son of Stephen Flickinger and Margaret Anne Figley, was born in 1849 in Tuscarawas Co OH; and died 20 Jan 1917 in Morrow Co OH.
John Flickinger John Flickinger, son of Michael Flickinger and wife Mary, was supposedly born at Sandyville (Trenton), Tuscarawas Co OH; and died in 1823, with burial at Newport OH.
Michael Flickinger Michael Flickinger, parents unknown, supposedly a native of Germany, was a resident of Sandyville (now Trenton), Tuscarawas Co OH, with his wife Mary.
Stephen Flickinger Stephen Flickinger, son of John Flickinger and wife Margaret Rebecca Demuth, was born 4 May 1823 in Tuscarawas Co OH; and died 22 Jan 1869 in York Twp., Union Co OH.
Samuel Ford Jr. Samuel Ford Jr, son of Samuel Ford and wife Sarah Baldwin, was born about 1735 in Hanover NJ, and died "late in life" in Greenbriar Co VA (now WV).
Joseph Gladden Joseph Gladden, parents unknown, was born in 1763, and died in Oct 1833 in Jefferson Co OH.
Allen Haines Allen Haines, son of Jonathan Haines and wife Sarah Sharp, was born 29 Sep 1791 in Virginia; and died in 1861.
Jonathan Haines Jonathan Haines, son of Allen Haines and wife Sarah Ballinger, was born in 1819 OH; and died in 1900.
Jonathan Haines Jonathan Haines, parents unknown, made a will 30 Mar 1833, which was probated 27 Mar 1834 in Champaign Co OH (Vol. A, p. 122).
Henry Jones Henry Jones, son of Henry Jones and Naomi Cheeseman, was born ca. 1734 in Gloucester Co NJ; and died between 1806 and 1810 in Champaign Co OH on a hunting expedition.
Jerome Place Marvin Jerome Place Marvin, son of Samuel Ross Marvin and wife Julia Anne Place, was born on 20 Feb 1846 in Harrison, Hamilton Co OH; and died 10 Oct 1917 in Harrison OH.
Robert Marvin Robert Marvin, son of Samuel Marvin and wife Jerusha Peck, was born 12 Sep 1772 in Lyme CT, and died 18 Jan 1842 in Harrison, Hamilton Co OH.
Samuel Ross Marvin Samuel Ross Marvin, son of Robert Marvin and wife Phebe Ford, was born 5 Jun 1804 in Dover NJ, and died 29 Jun 1863.
David Mitchell David Mitchell, son of Samuel Mitchell and wife Margaret Alexander, was born 30 Apr 1761 in Lancaster Co PA, and died 28 Jan 1836 in Darby Twp., Union Co OH.
Samuel Mitchell Samuel Mitchell, son of David and Jean Mitchell, was born 18 Nov 1726 Lancaster Co PA, and died 10 Jan 1814 in Darby Twp., Union Co OH.
John Munn John Munn, parents unknown, was born about 1730, and died in 1802 in Washington Co PA.
Jonas James Pierce Jonas James Pierce, son of James Pierce Jr and wife Chloe Holbrook, was born 23 Sep 1839 in Swansey, Cheshire Co NH; and died 3 Mar 1913 in Sharpsville PA.
Marvin Pierce Marvin Pierce, son of Scott Pierce and wife Mabel Marvin, was born in 17 Jun 1893 at Sharpsville PA; and died 17 Jul 1969.
Scott Pierce Scott Pierce, son of Jonas James Pierce and Kate Pritzel, was born 18 (Jan or Jun) 1866 in Sparkville PA; date and place of death unknown.
Acra Place Acra Place, parents unknown, was of Oxford, Butler Co OH, but a Hamilton Co OH resident in 1820. His estate was administered in Preble Co O, filed 19 Feb 1827.
Anton Pritzl Anton Pritzl, parents unknown, was born 26 Dec 1811 in Arnstein, Bavaria; and died in 1844 in Munich, Bavaria.
James Robinson James Robinson, son of Robert Robinson and wife Rebecca Wallace, was born in 1769, in York Co PA, and died 22 Apr 1847 in Union Co OH.
James Edgar Robinson James Edgar Robinson, son of John Welch Robinson Jr. and wife Sarah Coe, was born 15 Aug 1868 Union Co OH; and died in 1931.
John Welch Robinson Jr. John Welch Robinson Jr, son of John Welch Robinson Sr and Elizabeth Mitchell, was born 11 Jan 1831 Darby Twp., Union Co OH; and died after 1915 in Union Co OH.
John Welch Robinson Sr. John Welch Robinson Sr, son of James Robinson and wife Mary Welch, was born 11 Feb 1803 in Washington Co PA, and died 16 May 1853 in Union Co OH.
Richard M. Stokes Richard M. Stokes, parents unknown, was born 28 May 1818 in Maryland, and died 20 Jul 1898, probably in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH.

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