Bertrand (Burt) F. Harrison was born in 1870. Mr Jay F. Lanning started the Fair Publishing Co. in New London in 1881 and then moved it to Norwalk in 1882. Burt Harrison was an employee of the Fair Publishing Co. and learned the printing trade while there. In 1905 Mr Harrison established his own printing business in New London. By 1926 he was located at 70 South Railroad Street. B.F. Harrison consolidated his printing business with the Fair Publishing Co. in 1934 and from then on the company was The Fair Publishing Co. though most New Londoner's still called it the B.F. Harrison Printing Co.

A bad fire at the plant in 1939 had most of the plant closed for several months while repairs were made. Mr Harrison then separated from the Fair Publishing Co. and opened his own business once again on South Main St. in downtown New London. The fire of 1942 on South Main St. destroyed the building that Mr Harrison was located in and he retired and never rebuilt.

He had one son, Rolland, who was a 1927 graduate of New London High School. Burt died in 1948 and is buried in Grove St. Cemetery here. The original plant at 70-76 South Main St. still stands today and is part of the Kent Sporting Goods plant now.

Written by Vaughn Neel