Note: The preparer of this abstract does not have a copy of the original German will, just the English translation, in his possession. Many times, variances will be found in each version, and this needs to be checked.

Will - Maxatawney Twp., Berks Co PA (Book 4, p. 55; Book A, p. 439) made 3 Sept 1800; proved 24 Sept 1801

Note: Some researchers give Oct 1801 as a deathdate; this is impossible with the date that the will was brought into court for probate. September 1801 is much more likely.

wife Catharine $400 [sic - in dollars]
everything converted into money among my children (not named)

my daughter Magdalena's son Nicholas Keiser 50 pounds
my daughter Magdalena's son John Billig 50 pounds
my son John 50 pounds "and so on the first year each shall have 50 pounds as far as the money due will reach" to go from oldest to youngest, and then repeat if more money. example starts with eldest son, then Elizabeth 50 pounds in the next year [eldest daughter]

Account - March 11, 1813 - labeled second account [where is first?]:

Henry Sterret 50.0.0
Dewalt Oswald 50.0.0
Catherine Sterret 50.0.0
Jacob Konig 50.0.0
Michael Fetterman 50.0.0
Jacob Konig 50.0.0
Michael Fetterman 50.0.0
George Fetterman 50.0.0
Peter Fetterman 50.0.0
d.o. [Peter] 50.0.0
Dewalt Oswald 50.0.0
George Fetterman 50.0.0
Dewald Oswald 50.0.0
Jacob Fetterman 50.0.0
Sarah Fetterman 50.0.0
Jacob Fetterman 100.0.0

Totals in this accounting are: Catherine $100, --- Oswald $150, ---- Konig $100, Michael $100, George $100, Peter $100, Jacob $150, and Sarah $50.

Transcript of Will

"In the Name of God Amen, September 3, 1800.
Acknowledge I the Subscriber in Maxatawny Township, Berks County, that this is my Last Will, first I Recommend my Soul to my living God who Created it, & Redeemed the same through Jesus Christ and my Body I give to the Earth from whence it was taken. Secondly it is my Last Will, that all the Land, Cattle and furniture shall be sold, and converted into money, Excepting my wife shall first take One Bed with Bedstead which she pleases, One Cow & her Chest, And all the Linen and Yarn, And her Spinning wheel, the flax, and the half of the Pewter, One Iron Kettle, one Iron pot, Two Pans, and a Stove with Pipe, the small Table & three new Chairs, she shall first take away, the Remainder sahll be sold Land and House furniture, Each of the Plantations shall be sold alone, and not together in one. The Plantation whereon I now Live, the Purchase money shall be three hundred Pounds and the Remainder in Gales [?] for Ten Years. The other farm the Purchase money shall be two hundred Pound, and in Gales [?] for Ten Years. Thirdly Nota Bene of the first money that will be due I devise unto my wife Catharine, that she shall have four hundred Dollars, good and Currant [sic] money in Gold or silver as it is Currant and good in Pennsylvania. Fourthly so shall everything be divided in Equal Shares, when it is Converted into money among my Children, fourthly [sic] My Daughter Magdalena's son Nicholas Keisser shall have One year after my Decease the Sum of fifty Pounds this Money shall run on Interest, untill [sic] he is twenty One years of age then he shall have his money, fifthly I Give to my Daughter Magdelena's son John Billig the sum of fifty Pounds, which money shall when he is fourteen years old bear Interest, untill he is Twenty one years old, then he shall have his money and Sixthly The payments shall Commence one year after my Decease shall my son John have fifty pounds, as far as the money due will Reach but should the money not Reach to the youngest, then they take the next year the first payment, and so on untill Each have fifty Pound, but should not so much money come in, that each Child could have fifty Pound the second year, then they must wait untill there is as much money here to make it sufficient. Seventhly, whatever more Money comes in then I have Gales [?] to pay shall allways [sic] be kept together, untill it is Sufficient One year after the other to begin with the Eldest Son, and again to Share out fifty Pound as follows, my Eldest Son the first fifty Pound and the following year to my Daughter Elizabeth fifty Pound, and so on the next youngest allways the following year fifty Pound, and so on unto the youngest child. Nota Bene my two Daughters /to wit/ Magdelena and Catharine shall have their Beds and Bedsteads and their Chests for their own first and foremost. Concerning my wife Catharine when she has receivd [sic] the aforementioned furniture, and the aforementioned four hundred Dollars, then she shall quit my Estate for ever and shall have no Demand against the same. Note Bene my son John shall have first and foremost the small Black Mare which I at present own, that shall be his own without any further Payment, Note Bene, there shall be therein [?] of the Large hogs killed in the family for the use of the whole and my wife Catharine shall have her seat in my house to live until the first of April 1801 and she shall keep with her the two youngest Children, as long as she has the seat in the house and she shall have twenty Bushels of Rye, and Ten Bushels Buckwheat, and five Bushels Indian Corn, Ten Bushels Potatoes, and hay and straw to winter her Cow, untill the first of next April, as much as she wants, this I the Subscriber Acknowledge, that it is my Last will, for Executor I take my Son John Federman, Executor, and my wife Catharine as Executrix.

George Federman Sealed and Subscribed in our Presence, George Haner, William Kerchner
Translation Will of George Fetterman."

Second Account of George Fetterman Estate

"The second Account of John Fetterman Executor and Catharine Fetterman Executrix of the will and Testament of George Federman late of Maxatawny Township Berks County yeoman.

The Accountants charge themselves with amount of two Plantations sold not charg'd in their Acct. 1535.0.0

To 37.10 say'd to be paid to Michael Federman credited in first acct. 37.10.0

Item with with [sic] 60. say'd to paid to Geo. Kistler credited in first Acct. 60.0.0 The said Accountants pray allowce. for their first Acct. of 289.19 and for payments since made vizt.

Cash pd Jacob Kumerer 0.16.10
Charles Evans Esqr. 20.0.0
Henry Sterret 50.0.0
Michael Shaffer 10.0.0
Geo. W. Haner 0.7.6
Magdalena Belig 10.0.0
George Bryfogel 0.10.0
Eve Bady 0.12.0
Dewalt Oswalds 50.0.0
George Beck 30.0.0
Catherine Sterret 50.0.0
Solomon Kietz 0.6.9
Michael [??] Bellig 10.0.0
Jacob Harvout [??] 0.19.0
Do. [blank]
Dan [??] Sottenstein [??] 0.8.6
Jacob Kr----- [??] 0.5.0
Henry --- [??] 2.1.3
Jacob Konig 50.0.0
George Kistler 10.0.0
John Wisser 20.0.0
Benjamin Hermany 4.17.9
Michael Fetterman 50.0.0
Jacob Sevans [??] 5.17.6
Charles Evans Esq. 20.0.0
Do. 20.0.0
Michael Rishel 30.0.0
Jacob Konig 50.0.0
Michael Fetterman 37.10.0
Do 50.0.0
George Fetterman 50.0.0
Peter Fetterman 50.0.0
Do 50.0.0
Henry Hilbush 25.0.0
Philip Gehr 0.2.6
Dewalt Oswald 50.0.0
George Fetterman 50.0.0
Dewald Oswald 50.0.0
Jacob Fetterman 50.0.0
Sarah Fetterman 50.0.0
Jacob Fetterman 100.0.0
George Kistler 20.0.0
Do. 20.0.0
Do. 20.0.0
James Scull 1.10.0
Office Fees 2.5.0
By Lost Debts 31.7
By Goods bequeathed to ye widow 55.4
14.95.13 Commission on rect. 1535.0.0
Do. on payt. 1159.2.10
Balance in hands of Acct. 102.2

March 11, 1813

for Berks County the 5th August [??] 1813 Before the Honbl. Robert Porter Esq. President & his apointed [sic] Judges.

The within amount of the Estate of George Fetterman decd. being produced the same is allowed By the Court.

Saml. Abrams [??] for Jas. Miller, Clk. ---[??] Administration Acct
Estate of George Fetterman decd.
March 11th, 1813."

Note: With information from other correspondents, I believe the children of George Fetterman to be:

  1. Anna Elisabeth Fetterman, b. 23 Sep 1771 Upper Milford Twp., Lehigh Co PA; m. 21 Jul 1805 Christopher Berger.
  2. Magdalena, b. c1772-3 (age 20 on 31 Mar 1793); illeg child by Johan Nicholas Keiser; m(1) John Billig
  3. Johannes, b. c1774-5 (age 18 on 31 Mar 1793); m. 20 Apr 1797 PA to Catharine Dormajer
  4. Catharine, b. c1776-7 (age 16 on 31 Mar 1793); m. Henry Sterret
  5. George, b. 29 Dec 1779 Long Swamp Twp [then Berks Co] PA; m. 29 Jul 1806 Elizabeth Saul
  6. Peter, b. c1782 (age 68 at death); m(1) Julianna; m(2) Barbara
  7. daughter; m. Dewalt Oswald
  8. daughter; m. Jacob Konig/King
  9. Michael
  10. Jacob, b. 23 May 1791 Lower Macungie Twp., Lehigh Co PA; m. Elizabeth, widow of Jacob Minner
  11. Sarah Salome; m. Henrich Hilbush

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