JOSHUA HEMPSTEAD (parents uncertain), d. 180-? PA; m. SUSANNA ELLIOTT, b. ca. 1765 PA; d. in 1850's PA? There is a warrantee of land recorded for a Joshua Hampstead in West Buffalo Twp., Northumberland Co. PA, for 50 acres, dated 7 Nov 1792. Joshua Hempstead is recorded 1796 to 1801 in Fayette Co. PA court cases. One case might suggest he was a blacksmith. Post-1800 tax lists have not yet been checked, but he apparently died prior to the 1810 census. No estate record has been found yet. No land deeds appear in the Fayette Co. PA indexes; however, his son Jeremiah owned several tracts in the 1860's period. Joshua Hempsted 1800 Redstone Twp., Fayette Co. PA; Susanna Hempstead in 1810 & 1820 Redstone Twp. Susanna may be the female, age 50-60, living with Francis Hughes in 1830 Cumberland Twp., Greene Co. PA. She could be the female age 60-70 living with Felix Hempstead in 1840 Georges Twp., Fayette Co. PA; although a female, age 60-70, is also living with Francis D. Hughes in 1840 Preston Co. (W)VA census. Susan Hempstead, age 85 PA, is living with son Felix (noted as Philip) in 1850 German Twp., Fayette Co. PA.

The children of Joshua Hempstead and Susanna Elliott were:

  1. Mary Hempstead, m. Henry Murphy. No further information yet.

  2. Jeremiah Hempstead, b. ca. 1800 PA; m. Elizabeth King, b. ca. 1790 VA. 1830 & 1840 Preston Co. (W)VA; 1850 Connellsville Twp., Fayette Co. PA; 1860 Smithfield P.O., Georges Twp., Fayette Co. PA. Land grant for 250 acres on Laurel Run, Preston Co. (W)VA in 1846. Several deeds in 1860's in Fayette Co. PA. Children: Sophia.

  3. Sarah Hempstead, b. 8 Mar 1801 PA; d. 3 Feb 1869 West Twp., Columbiana Co. OH; m. Apr 1825 John Neel; both buried Moultrie Chapel Cem. 1830 and 1840 Cumberland Twp., Greene Co. PA; 1850 and 1860 West Twp., Columbiana Co. OH. Children: Susan S., John E., Henry, Sarah, Eliza H., Felix Hempstead, William T., Elizabeth J., Barnet, and Asby.

  4. Elizabeth Hempstead, b. 20 Nov 1804 PA; d. Jul 1873; m. Francis Hughes, b. 20 Mar 1808 Carmichael, Greene Co PA; d. 2 Apr 1882 Parkersburg WV. 1830 Cumberland Twp., Greene Co. PA; 1840 Preston Co. (W)VA; 1850 Eastern District, Monongalia Co. (W)VA; 1860 Newbury P.O., Preston Co. (W)VA. Children: Felix H., John N., Eliza Jane, Sarah Ann, Francis Theophilus, and F. Leonidas Worthington.

  5. Felix Hempstead, b. 2 Apr 1806 Redstone Twp., Fayette Co. PA; d. 11 Sep 1870; m. 11 Feb 1828 Eliza Swan; wife in later censuses Sarah A.; a blacksmith and farmer; 1830 Jefferson Twp., Greene Co. PA; 1840 Georges Twp., Fayette Co. PA; 1850 German Twp., Fayette Co. PA. Whig & Republican; Presbyterian. Children: Thomas S.

ELIZABETH HEMPSTEAD (possible sister of above Joshua?), was the first wife of JAMES KING, b. 5 Jun 1777; d. 29 Apr 1864. Lived on Laurel Run, near Bruceton Mills, Preston Co. WV. 1830 & 1840 Preston Co. (W)VA next to Jeremiah Hempstead. King's originally from Staunton VA?

  1. Anne King, m. Bayles Shaw; of Mannington WV.

  2. Thomas King, b. 23 Dec 1804; d. 25 Feb 1878; m. Jane Brandon.

  3. Martha King, b. 30 Apr 1807; d. 20 Sep 1882; bur. Bruceton Mills, Preston Co. WV; m. 15 May 1827 Henry Smith.

  4. Elizabeth King, b. 12 Mar 1809; d. 4 Feb 1897; bur. Newburg, Preston Co. WV; m. William Harrington.

  5. William King, to Missouri.

  6. Sophia King, m. William Douglas, to Jackson Co. IA.

  7. Eliza King, b. 24 Apr 1816; d. 29 Sep 1881; bur. Pleasant District, Preston Co. WV; m. Graham Jenkins.

  8. Margaret King, b. 20 Jul 1818; d. 29 Jan 1911; m. Henry Chidester.

  9. Alpheus King, b. 9 Jan 1822; d. 23 Sep 1915; m. Margaret Jenkins.

Notes on Joshua Hempstead of Fayette Co. PA:

"The first of the line under consideration was Joshua, probably a son of John and Hannah (Salmon) Hempstead, who came to Fayette county, Pennsylvania, about 1790, and settled in Redstone township. He married Susanna Elliott, a sister of Captain John Elliott, with whom he came to this county from the east. His children were: Sarah, married John Neal; Mary, married Henry Murphy; Elizabeth, married Francis Hughes; Jeremiah, married Elizabeth King; Felix, of whom further." Elsewhere in same article: "Another branch settled in Virginia, and from thence the family came to Fayette county, Pennsylvania, about the year 1790."

Ref. "Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette and Green Counties, Pennsylvania," by John W. Jordan and James Hadden (1912), pp. 70-72.

Joshua Hampstead applies for Fifty Acres of Land situate in Buffalo Valley adjoining on the south Land of John Loudon called the "Cold run Tract" North by Land of said Loudon West on Land supposed to belong to Aaron Logan. Northumberland Co. PA. Unimproved lands. Dated 16 Oct. 1792. Land was patented (under tract name "Elysianfield") to Jacob Goist, 31 Oct 1795, to whom Hempstead had conveyed property by deed, 13 Mar 1794.

Ref. Application for Warrant, LDS Roll 985057, under 7 Nov 1792; Warrant, LDS Roll 1028784, No. H 611; Patent, LDS Roll 1028850, Vol. P, No. 27, p. 162; Survey, LDS Roll 1004933, Vol. C, No. 95, p. 108.

Fayette Co. PA Tax Lists - 1797, 1798 - Joshua Hempstead; 1799 - Joshua Hempsted

Ref. "Fayette County, Pennsylvania Taxpayers, 1785-1799," by T.L.C. Genealogy (1991), p. 73.

Fayette Co. PA, June Term 1797, Case #63, Joshua Hemstead, "late of" Fayette Co., yeoman, was summoned to answer Joseph Kerr's plea of a debt of 26 pounds 8 shillings PA money, under date 13 Oct. 1796 Fayette Co. Joshua Hemstead and one Edward Elliot were bound unto Thomas Collins, High Sheriff, in the sum of $100, the two to appear June Term 1797 in County Court of Common Pleas, Uniontown. Witness was Sarah Johns.

Ref. Original Case File, Fayette Co. County Courthouse.

Fayette Co. PA, March Term 1801, Case #5, Joshua Hemstead and William Oliphant, yeoman, both of Fayette Co., were summoned to answer unto Adam Nutt, that the two had promised by a note dated 6 Apr 1799 Fayette Co. to deliver 800 pounds of bar iron to said Adam Nutt at Brownsville on 1 Oct 1800, and had not done so. Hemstead, Oliphant, and one John Elliot were bound unto Abraham Stewart, High Sheriff, in the sum of $100, to appear in County Court of Common Pleas at Uniontown in March Term 1801. The witness was Jane Walker.

Ref. Original Case File, Fayette Co. County Courthouse.

(Above from several references - children may be incomplete.)

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