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John Jenkins. Married Susan Holland, according to family group sheets from correspondents. What is documentation of this? Origin unknown, but there are intermarriages between Jenkins and Holland family in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co VA and Louisa Co VA in 1780's. Appears on 1809 Caldwell Co KY tax list with 200 acres; in 1810 with 200 acres on Dry Fork of Eddy Creek; 1811 same; 1812 same; 1813 same; in 1814 with 130 acres on Eddy Creek. Died prior to 1829 when heirs sold land. Marengo Co AL deed, Susan Jenkins to John Finch, 9 Jun 1827 [Book B, p. 160].

Several deeds in Hardeman Co TN, but quite possibly a different man:

Deed Book A, pp. 24-25, John Jinkins of Hickman Co TN to Joel Walker of McNairy Co TN, 24 Feb 1824, $175, for 125 acres, entry #1039 in 10th district.
Deed Book A, pp. 46-47, John Jenkins of Hickman Co TN to Adam R. Alexander & Jno. H. Bills, 24 Feb 1824, for locative services, 60 acres, in Range 3, Section 3, military warrant #1032 in John Jenkins' name, by entry #1039, grant #19400.
Deed Book A, p. 139, John Jenkins of Weakley Co TN to Adam R. Alexander of Madison Co TN, various considerations, 5 Oct 1825, 1904 acres in 8 tracts, viz., tract lying in Tipton Co; tract of 154 acres in 13th District, Tipton Co; tract of 160 acres in Hardeman Co in Sect 3 & 4, 2nd range, being NW corner of grant #21500 by TN to heirs of Hugh Curran; tract of 250 acres in Shelby Co; tract of 150 acres in Hardeman Co in 10th District, Sect. 4, Range 2, SE corner of a tract to John Jenkins by TN grant #21521; tract of 160 acres in Hardeman Co, 10th Dist., Range 1, Sect. 1, part of 640 acres granted by TN to John Jenkins, grant #21520; tract in Weakley Co, 10th Dist., 170 acres granted to John Jenkins; and tract in Haywood Co., 10th Dist., 410 acres originally granted to John Jenkins.

1824 Hardeman Co TN tax list, 640 acres in 10-1-1; 640 acres in 10-2-4,5; 640 acres in 10-1- 6; and 1 white poll.

This same fellow is in numerous records in Weakley Co TN, as are Thomas, Joel, Jesse, and Wineford Jenkins. The name Jesse Jenkins later appears in Caldwell Co KY tax lists. The above John is mentioned since Lloyd Jenkins was in Hardeman Co TN.

Deeds pertaining to our John Jenkins' land in Caldwell Co KY:

Indenture, 15 Jun 1829, between Edward Jenkins wife Sarah, Jared W. Cherry wife Susannah, Andrew Dunn, Holland Jenkins wife Letitia, Vincent Anderson wife Sarah, Lloyd Jenkins wife Alla, being heirs at law of John Jenkins, deceased, to William Jenkins of Caldwell Co KY, for $160 "to the said John Jenkins in his lifetime paid," sell a parcel on the north side of Eddy Creek, bordering James Bingham. Parties of first part sign in Marengo Co AL, except Lloyd in Hardeman Co TN [Caldwell Co KY Deeds, Vol. F, pp. 94-96].
Indenture, William Jenkins of Caldwell Co KY to James L. Priest of same, for $1000, part of a 200 acre tract on Eddy Creek patented to Robert Dobbins and conveyed to William Jenkins by the heirs of John Jenkins, including the grist mill, dwelling house, bounded by land sold to John Mercer, containing 37 acres; plus tract granted to William Jenkins by patent dated 9 Sep 1833, bounded by Wright, Elijah G. Galusha, D.F. Bigham, D. Parent, containing 143 acres, except 3 acres conveyed to Galusha previously. Signed on 12 May 1836 by William (his X mark) Jenkins and Susanna Jenkins. [Caldwell Co KY, Vol. H, p. 186].
Indenture, William Jenkins of Caldwell Co KY to Elijah G. Galusha of same, 3 acres on the waters of Eddy Creek, part of a 143 acre tract patented to Jenkins under date 9 Sep 1833. Deed dated 30 Jan 1836, and signed William (his X mark) Jenkins, Susanna Jenkins. [Caldwell Co KY, Vol. H, p. 187].
Indenture, made 15 Jun 1829, between William Jenkins and wife Susanna, Edward Jenkins and wife Sarah, Jared W. Cherry and wife Susanna, Andrew Dunn, Holland Jenkins and wife Letitia, Vincent Anderson and wife Sarah, Lloyd Jenkins and wife Alla, all heirs at law of John Jenkins deceased, to David Scott of Caldwell Co KY, for $900 "to the said John Jenkins in his lifetime paid," land on south side Eddy's Creek, bounded by James Bigham, William Atchison, containing 150 acres. William Jenkins signs from Caldwell Co KY; Lloyd Jenkins from Hardeman Co TN; and rest from Marengo Co AL. [Caldwell Co KY Deeds, Vol. F, pp. 100-102.]
Indenture, William Jenkins of Caldwell Co KY to John Mercer, same, in consideration of the release from all contracts made with John Mercer in regard to the mill on Eddy Creek, and on a tract of land conveyed to Jenkins by the heirs of John Jenkins deceased bearing date 15 Jun 1829 on north side of Eddy Creek containing about 100 acres part of a 200 acre survey patented to Robert Dobbins, and for $300, sells two parcels of land on Eddy Creek (detailed description given but no acreage), adjoining James Bigham and William Jenkins other lands; deed made 4 Aug 1832 [Caldwell Co KY Deeds, Vol. G, pp. 105-106].
Children of John and Susan (Holland) Jenkins:
  1. William Jenkins, b. 17 Dec 1785 VA; d. 15 Jan 1863 Greene Co MO; bur. Mt Comfort Cemetery; m. Susan Gately, b. 11 Sep 1791 NC; d. 14 Apr 1881 Greene Co MO; bur. Mt Comfort Cem. William Jenkins 1809 taxed 100 acres Flynn's Creek, Caldwell Co KY; 1810 first William Jenkins with 400 acres on Flynn's Creek, another with no land; 1811 both William's list with no land; 1812 onward only one William listed; starting 1814 William with 70 acres on Eddy Creek [out of his father's 200 since John had 130 beginning that year]. 1820 Census Caldwell Co KY p. 44 [200010- 300100-1 ngh David Parent & John McCarty]; 1830 Caldwell Co KY northwest part, p. 170 [1211101-0211001 ngh John Mercer & Beverly Murphy]. Land entry Greene Co MO for 160 acres in Range 21, Twp. 30, Section 21. 1840 Census Greene Co MO, p. 254 [02111001-0011101 ngh Thomas J. Whitlock & Columbus Williamson]. Thoms Whitlock and wife Elizabeth Ann sold 79 acres, being part of the NW 1/4 Sect 21 Twp 30 Range 21 Greene Co MO for $100 to William Jenkins, all of Greene Co, on 22 Apr 1843 [Vol. C, pp. 284-5]. 1850 Census Greene Co MO, #551, William Jenkins 66 VA, Susan 61 NC, Wiiliam W. 27 KY, Williford 25 KY, Edward 21 KY, James W. 19 KY, Irvin W. 19 KY. William Jenkins wife Sousannah [sic] sold 7 acres 32 poles, being part of SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sect 10 Twp 30 Range 21 Greene Co for $9 to Thomas J. Whitlock, all of Greene Co., on 8 Apr 1854 [Vol. G, pp. 158-9]. 1860 Census, Robberson Twp., Greene Co MO, #267-278, with wife. Will Book A, pp. 354-6, Greene Co MO, William Jenkins of Robberson Twp., made will 11 Jan 1863, proved 20 Aug 1864, wife Susan to get plantation where I now live, viz., NW 1/4 and N SW 1/4 Sect 21 Twp 30 Range 21, containing 240 acres. At her death, son Erwin W. Jenkins to receive E SW 1/4 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sect 21, being 120 acres; son James W. Jenkins to receive NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sect 21 being 40 acres; remaining lands to be divided amongst my sons Dominica Jenkins, John H. Jenkins, William W. Jenkins, Wilaford Jenkins; and my daughters Caroline and Susan J. Sons, William and Erwin W. Jenkins appoint executors. Signed, William (his X mark) Jenkins. Witnessed by James K. Alsup and Thomas J. Whitlock. On 16 Mar 1863, Irvin W. Jenkins principal and Henry Westmoreland, John Appleby, and Alexander Evans, securities bound in sume of $7000, for estate of William Jenkins [Probate File #5030]. Family Bible record also names his children: Dominico 13 Jul 1811, Caroline 2 Feb 1813, John H. 7 Mar 1815, Elizabeth C. 17 Sep 1816, William Washington 24 Jan 1819, Susanna G. (no date), Williford C. 24 Feb 1821, Sarah Jane 17 Feb 1823, Edward 6 Jul 1829, James Wesley 17 Jul 1831, and Irwin Wintfrey 17 Jul 1831 [no dates or marriage for parents]. 1876 Greene Co MO Atlas shows Susan Jenkins, 231 acres in Sect 21 and 100 acres in Sect 16, Franklin Twp.
  2. Dominico Jenkins, m. 9 Apr 1816 Caldwell Co KY to Janett F. Bigham [LDS Roll 546371, Marriage Bonds - Returns, ledger, no pagination].
  3. Edward Jenkins, m. Sarah "Sally" Parrent, 19 Aug 1818 (date of license) Caldwell Co KY [LDS Roll 548008 loose papers, 1818, no pagination]; Bond by Edward Jenkins & David Parrent "father of the girl". Family group sheet from correspondent states that Edward Jenkins died 1833 in Bastrop Co TX.
  4. Elizabeth "Betsy" Jenkins, believed deceased by 1829 Marengo Co AL; m. Andrew Dunn, 6 May 1811 Caldwell Co KY (date of license) [LDS Roll 546390 loose papers, 1811, no pagination]; Bond by Andrew Dunn & John Jenkins. 1820 Census Danville Parish, Caldwell Co KY p. 52 [311010-30010-01]; 1830 Census Marengo Co AL p. 335 [0010001-0001 ngh Henry J. Darnell & W.H. Lacy].
  5. Susannah Jenkins, b. 23 Mar 1797 SC; d. 17 Dec 1849 Sumpter Co AL; m. Jared W. [Irot or Jarrot in record] Cherry, 13 Oct 1827 Marengo Co AL [Vol. A, p. 157], Andrew Dunn, security. Possibly the Jarid [sic] Cherry who married first 21 Jan 1816 Caldwell Co KY to Sally Holland [IGI not checked]. Jared W. Cherry served as a JP for Marengo Co AL. Marengo Co AL deed, Jarrard W. Cherry to Elisha Lacy, 16 Aug 1826 [Book B, p. 134]. 1830 Census Marengo Co AL, Jarret W. Cherry, age 30-40, with family. See Revolutionary War pension for Joshua Cherry [S 32174 NC], father of Jared. The soldier was born 15 Feb 1761 Martin Co NC, enlisted age 17 in Pitt Co NC, applied for pension 6 Aug 1832 Bedford Co TN, transfered to Marengo Co AL, where he had gone to live with his son, Jared W. Cherry, in the summer of 1835.
  6. Sarah Narcissa Jenkins, b. 15 Jul 1801 KY, d. 24 Dec 1880; m. Vincent Anderson. 1820 Census Danville Parish, Caldwell Co KY p. 50 [020101-01001-03, slave 11-0]; 1830 Census Marengo Co AL p. 339 [200011-02001, 1 female slave 24-36, ngh John P. Thompson & Thomas Jones].
  7. John Holland Jenkins, b. 9 Jun 1804 Caldwell Co KY, d. 6 Jun 1887 Coryell Co TX; m. Lethia "Letty" Anderson, 6 Aug 1827 (date of license) Marengo Co AL [Vol. 1, p. 137], bond by Holland Jenkins & Vincent Anderson; 16 Aug 1827 (marriage on a family group sheet). 1830 Census Marengo Co AL p. 339 [00011-1001 ngh Nancy Clanton & Stephen L. Davis].
  8. Lloyd [Lawia in marriage] Jenkins, m. Alla Patrick, 28 Jun 1823 (license), 3 Jul 1823 (marriage*) Marengo Co AL [Vol. 1, p. 65]; Bond by Lawia Jenkins. 1830 Census Hardeman Co TN p. 373 [1200100001-10001 ngh Robert Forbush & John Wilson Sr.]. *Note: Marriage recorded as "3d Instant" which is why transcribers have copied it as 3 June, but the minister William Flukes wrote "July 1823" after his name, and the marriage would have had to have occurred after the license date [Vol. 1, p. 65].


James G. Jenkins. 1830 Census Hardeman Co TN, p. 373 [0000001-0001 ngh Elijah Cross & James Hubbard]. Who is he? Just a couple houses away from Lloyd Jenkins, age 40-50?

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