Information from the College Football Hall of Fame shows that Robert Hogsett of Dartmouth University was listed as an All American end in 1913. The following article is from Spauldings Football Guide of 1913.
"This was one of those seasons when, in the case of many institutions, star ends really were the exceptions. Crack teams were forced to take men from other positions and try them out on the end in hope of bettering the conditions. The number of leading candidates for an All-American selection proved smaller and smaller as the season advanced. Probably this was due in no small measure to the fact that the blocking of ends going down the field has been carried to such a scientific point as to make it very difficult indeed to perform the duties satisfactorily.
Hence, when one says that Hogsett, the Darmouth captain, fairly earned his place in a year when the blocking of ends was especially good and so many failed under it, it can be taken as an assertion that reflects unusual credit upon the man. Although, perhaps, regarded as small for the position, he demonstrated thoroughly his ability to discount criticism of that kind. He was wonderfully fast down the field, a clever tackler, quick to size up the situation, able in almost every instance to thread his way through interference, and a first class man on attack. His former experience as a half-back made him doubly serviceable in interference and rounded out his play into a complete product of gridiron skill. He is a good receiver of passes, and quick and accurate in diagnosing a play."
This same Robert N. Hogsett was head football coach at New London High School from 1922 until 1925. His record at New London was seventeen wins, seven losses and three ties. I believe his 1924 team was New London's first undefeated season. Some of the boys who played under him were as follows: Alvin Casto, Harold Cole, Sam Randleman, Phillip White, Howard Weaver, Ralph Randleman, Lawrence Barrett, Lewis Myers, Tom Sellers, Wayne Hofstatter, Raymond Barrett, Bert Arthur, Elton Robertson, Francis Luxon, John Beattie, Don Seiler, Max Stevens, Murry McCaleb and Robert Richards. I think most New London people will recognize most of these names. As far as I know, he is the only "All-American" with a New London connection.

Thanks to Harry "Hambone" Evans and Phil White for this story .