Prior to 1910, Mrs. Emma Marriott and her two daughters, Grace and Elsie, operated a small boarding house at their home located at 53 Park Avenue here in New London. This was later the home of Ivan S. Triplett and was on the site now occupied by Sutton Bank. Mrs Danus D. Granger (Lucille White Granger) thought her parents house on West Main St., built in 1869 by Albert Union White Sr., was far too big for her to take care of, so Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Marriott made an agreement to switch houses. In 1910 Mrs. Marriott and her two daughters moved to 57 West Main Street and set up the Marriott Hotel. They soon had the home ready for hotel patronage and they gained the reputation of excellent hotel keepers over the years. It opened on April lst, 1910. It became a popular spot not only for overnight guests but for meals, banquets and organizational meetings. The hotel with it's four chimneys and Victorian gingerbread trim was a showplace in its day. The spacious rooms had twelve foot ceilings, fireplaces, fluted woodwork and inside shutters at the windows. An open stairway at the front of the house and a closed one near the rear led to the second floor where several bedrooms had ceilings eleven feet high. There was a small third floor attic above those.
The New London Exchange Club was founded in 1920. They held their meetings here at the Marriott Hotel for many years. The club later became the Rotary Club which is still strong yet today . This was New London's only hotel as the old "White Hotel" on the corner of North and East Main Streets (today J. Patrlck's Restaurant) was closed on March 26th, 1903. The Phillips House (old St. James Hotel) on the corner of Railroad Avenue and South Railroad Street closed shortly after and this left New London with no place where a traveler could be accommodated. This fact probably prompted Mrs. Marriott to start the hotel which met with so much acceptance. Emma Mariott died suddenly on November 12th, 1926. This left the two daughters, Grace and Elsie, to operate the hotel.
Then on Saturday, February 11th, 1928, Grace Marriott died suddenly from a heart attack. This left only Elsie alone to keep the hotel operating. She struggled along the best she could but in later years she had to close off the upstairs as she just wasn't able to keep it all going. She had only two rooms downstairs in which to accommodate the guests towards the end. She hadn't been seen in several days in May of 1963, so local policeman, Vira Buzzard, was called in to investigate and he found her on the floor of the hotel. Evidently she also had died from a heart attack. This of course brought about the closing of the Marriott Hotel.
The two daughters had a family mausoleum built for their mother in the Grove Street Cemetery here in New London. Today all three rest here. The mausoleum with the name "Marriott" above the door can easily be seen in the cemetery today. The old hotel property was purchased by Firelands Electric Company in September of 1967 for $4,666.67. Firelands then had the building torn down in February of 1968 to make room for a new office building. New London's last hotel and one of its finest buildings was now history.

From New London Record articles and information from Harold Kirkpatrick and Mary Louise Burton.