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The library will send for materials through interlibrary loan. They also are able to handle requests that come by mail. The staff members do a minimum amount of research and the cost is to cover the copies and postage. Requests that the staff is unable to handle will be refered to other sources. There is a .15 per page charge for single-sided copies and .20 per page for double-sided copies. If you want 10 or more copies, the charge drops to .10 and .15 respectively. They do have a microfilm reader/printer. The charge for this is .15 per page.


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* The New London Record was indexed by Tom Neel, Vaughn Neel, and Terry Wilson, and entered into computer by the New London Public Library staff. Please use the indexes in the cabinet first.

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*This inventory of items in the Local History Room (meeting room) of the New London Public Library was made specifically for the Huron County OGS web site by the following members of the New London Area Historical Society: Nancy White Harner, Jean Haynes Myers, Lois Fetterman Neel, Thomas Stephen Neel - February 1998.

*Placed on my personal web site on February 17, 2002 by Thomas Stephen Neel. It does not seem to be on the Huron County OGS web site at this time.