In 1991 the Wildcat basketball team had a great year when they almost made it to the state finals, being defeated in the Regional Final game by Wayne Trace, who eventually became the State Champs.

In 1994 and 1995 the New London Wildcat Football Team had two great years going to the state playoffs on each occasion. The 1994 team went 10 and 0 during the regular season. They were probably one of the best football teams ever from New London. We of course were the undisputed Firelands Conference Champions. We were beaten by Wauseon in the first playoff game at Fremont 24 to 6. The Wildcats just couldn't solve a brother combination on the Wauseon team as they completed pass after pass even though the receiver was well covered by New London.

The 1995 season was probably the biggest surprise as we had lost so many starters from the 1994 team and it was figured to be a rebuilding year for New London. Evidently the kids learned fast under Coach Rocky Farlow as the team went 9 and 1 during the regular season losing to our old "nemesis" Norwalk St. Paul 24 to 21. We had to settle for a tie for the Firelands Conference crown with them.

The Playoff games were really something else! The first game was played in a pouring rain at Lorain but the Wildcats dominated Clearview during the whole game with a 27 to 6 victory over a team that constantly beat us during the old Lakeland Conference days. The second game also played at Lorain was worse yet weather wise as the game was played in a driving snow storm throughout the game. More than once players had to clean the snow out of their faces so they could breath again! The teams played fairly even through numerous penalties and fumbles. It looked like New London might pull the game out but Waynesdale completed a long pass in the final seconds and went on to score the winning touchdown 16 to 13. I consider this to be probably the most exciting game the Wildcats ever played in and certainly the worst weather! The Cats ended the season 10 and 2 and one of the best seasons ever.

Players on the 1995 team were as follows: Kyle Puder, Jordon Eastman, Steve Fawcett, Kenny Krisha, Jimmy Baker, Eugene Stallard, Chris Wilson, Cory Gardner, Tom Fawcett, Herb Farnsworth, Tim Slater, Adam Yates, Brandon Gordon, Mitch Rivas, Brian Gault, Kevin Wise, Ben Pack, Adam Funk, Mike Hansford, Kurt Detterman, Jarod Moffit, Jonathan Nosa, Josh Merrill, Joe Miller, Pat Taft, Louis Rodriquez, Mark Killgrove, John Clark, Corey Collins, Duane Collins, Corey Puder, Patrick Cucco, Keith Sanders, Anthony Daniels, Shawn Lindsey, Matt Goodman, Josh Grosswiler, Shane Rogers, Bill Speicher, Heather Matthews, David Greene, Chuck Stefaniak, Chris Price, Don Shantz, Ken Dawson, Chris Philpott, Brad Booth, Cliff O'Dell and Joey Collins. Rocky Farlow, head coach, with assistants, Mark Bucher, Glenn Morse, Mike Held and Tom Hetrick.

The past few season have been downhill for the Wildcat football program with only 24 boys out in the 2000 season. We hope to see it go the other way and once again see the glory years like 1994 and 1995 were.

V.K. Neel help from High School Annuals.