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Peter Sanders

was born ca. 1780 (census estimate) in North Carolina. Researcher Gary Sanders identifies his father as Francis Sanders of Franklin Co GA. He was certainly not a son of the Daniel and Jane (Lyons) Sanders listed on most web sites. Jane’s 1813 Maury Co TN will does name sons William and Peter (as does the 1819 will of grandfather Peter Lyons), but they are both probably minors. Jane’s will says that if William and Peter “die before they have heirs of their own body,” then the property goes to her sister’s children (Maury Co TN Wills, v. 1 p. 129). Our Peter Sanders was married about 1800 in Franklin Co GA (1812 widow’s pension #33955) to Michel Owens (maiden name in her pension affidavit), or to Michel Tarbutton, daughter of Joseph Tarbutton of Hall Co GA, if family tradition is correct. Peter Sanders died 15 Aug 1864 in Wright Co MO (1812 widow’s pension #33955). Michel was born ca. 1781 (age 97 on 1878 pension affidavit) in North Carolina (1850 census). She died sometime after April 1879 and probably prior to the 1880 census (not located) – but perhaps as late as 1882, age 100 years (FindaGrave submission by W. Loy Frisk Simmons). She was said by the Barnett family to have “had eleven children, nine reaching adulthood.” Peter Sanders served as a Private in Captain Guess (Gist’s) Company, 28th Regiment, US Infantry in the War of 1812, enlisting at Glasgow KY on 1 May 1814 and was discharged at Detroit MI on 1 May 1815. A resident of Maury Co TN at the time of the war, Sanders eventually received bounty land in Wright Co MO in 1854 where he was then residing. As mentioned, he was possibly a son of Francis and Mary Sanders of Franklin Co GA, according to the Gary Sanders web site. Unfortunately, probate records in 1864 are incomplete in Wright Co MO and available land transactions (again not complete) do not seem to lend clues to his possible children. Circumstantial evidence, mentioned below for each child, ties them to Peter Sanders but nothing will likely be proven unless a Bible record is discovered. This writer is not certain that his own direct ancestor Hiram Sanders was a son of Peter Sanders, and others (primarily researcher Gary B. Sanders) have identified Francis Sanders as the father of both Peter and Hiram. Peter Sanders was a farmer, owned some cattle, and had a distillery for a short time. He is believed to be the Peter Sanders of Franklin Co GA, Maury Co TN, Lawrence Co TN, Gallatin Co IL, Lawrence Co AR which became Greene Co AR, and eventually Wright Co MO. He cannot be located in the 1820 census unless he was the Peter Sanders in Jones Co GA although this was against his migration path and it probably is not the same man. He should be in Tennessee. Much more work needs to be done. Several Sanders lines have a Cherokee ancestral story in their tradition, including my own, but my DNA test (and my father’s) do not show Native American ancestry at least to the 5th or 6th generation (the limit of its accuracy). Although Sanders is a popular Cherokee name, I do not see Peter Sanders on removal rolls and he had already started moving westward prior to that time. It is possible that the Cherokee tradition comes from the McDaniels and other intermarried families as there is an Archibald McDaniel on the removal rolls.

1800 – Marriage in Franklin Co GA, Peter Sanders to Michel Owens (affidavit of Michel Sanders, 12 Sep 1878). If family information on the Tarbutton surname is correct, then perhaps Michel married first to an Owens, or perhaps she was mistaken at age 97 when she filed for the 1812 widow’s pension. One Jonathan Owens was one of the leaders of the Freewill Baptists of Wright Co MO in 1845, and several of Michel’s children were affiliated with this group. Peter Sanders in his bounty land file also says he served under a Colonel Owens in the 28th Regiment, US Infantry (Tennessee Militia).

1806 – Peter Sanders is listed on the 1806 Franklin Co GA tax list, p. 1, with 1 poll. He had no land. Frances Sanders (land bounded by M. Sanders) and Silas Sanders are on p. 2 (not near each other), and Moses Sr, Moses Jr, and David Sanders are adjacent to each other on p. 3; Amos Sanders on p. 4; Aaron Sanders on p. 5

1812 – Peter Sanders is listed on the 1812 Maury Co TN tax list, with 1 poll, taxed at 18.7. He does not appear on 1811, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816 in that county. Other Sanders names taxed but not near Peter were Joseph, Edward, and James.

1812 – Peter Sanders (wife Michel) in Tennessee Militia, pension application index card for War of 1812, W.O. 33955. Bounty land warrant #15, 908 says he was a Private in Capt. Guest’s Company, 28th Regiment, US Infantry, War of 1812. There is a Gist family in Maury County in the 1812 tax list although the 28th is supposed to have been made up of Kentucky men almost exclusively. (see 1854, 1878-80 below)

1820 – There is a Peter Sanders enumerated in 1820 census for Capt. Wetherford’s District, Jones Co GA, with 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44, 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 16-25, 1 female over 45. This isn’t likely our man unless he moved back to Georgia after the war. In fact, the family of a Peter Sanders 1771-1851 Talbot Co GA claims him. However, there was a Moses Sanders in Jones Co GA in 1810. Our Peter should be in Tennessee at this time, but I do not locate him in Maury County (page by page search) or elsewhere in the index. Many Sanders family members were in Smith Co TN that year.

1830 – Peter Sanders is enumerated in the 1830 census for Lawrence Co TN, p. 305, with 1 male under 5, 3 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 50-60, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, and 1 female 40-50. Neighbors were Bennet Wallis and Ana [?] Pearce. Moses Sanders is on p. 308 near the Henry Moody family.

1832 – Peter Sanders is supposed to be involved in a court case in Obion Co TN, but I cannot locate my note on this at the moment or why it is thought that this is our Peter. The tax lists for Obion County on FamilySearch show only a William Sanders in this time period. This is at the Missouri/Kentucky border a long distance from adjoining Maury and Lawrence Co TN.

*Probably about 1832, the Peter Sanders family removes to Arkansas, perhaps by way of Illinois. A probable son Arch Sanders marries in Gallatin Co IL in 1833. A possible son, Hiram Sanders, who had been in Jackson Co AL and Bedford Co TN headed for Union Co IL in this time period. The two counties are not near each other but are in the southern part of the state.

1833 – Peter Sanders in personal tax list for Cache & Languiell townships, Lawrence Co AR – paid 68 ¾ cents county tax. (Note that this was his first appearance – Randle and John Sanders were listed in 1831 and 1832 and 1833.)

1834 – Peter Sanders in personal tax list for Cache & Languil townships, Lawrence Co AR (along with John and Randall Sanders) – Peter paid 61 cents county tax.

1834 – Peter Sanders in personal tax list for Greene Co AR (first list). Greene County was formed out of Lawrence County AR so Sanders didn’t move.

1835 – Peter Sanders in 1835 personal tax list for Greene Co AR with 1 horse – paid tax 75 cents; there is a hole in the paper where the number of cows should be. He is listed beside Jackson Sanders. Ranall and John Sanders are side by side elsewhere in the listing. Note: The tax lists are arranged semi-alphabetically by first letter of the surname. All the “S” surnames are together but not alphabetized so it is possible to determine which Sanders families live closer to each other.

1836 – Peter Sanders in 1836 personal tax list for Greene Co AR (Randall and Jackson Sanders also listed) – Peter paid 50 cents county tax.

1837 – Peter Sanders is listed beside Jackson Sanders in the 1837 personal tax list for Greene Co AR; John and Randal Sanders are listed next to each other elsewhere in the listing. Peter paid 22 ½ cents tax.

1838 – Peter Sanders is listed in the 1838 personal tax list for Greene Co AR; Jackson Sanders is nearby but not adjacent; John and Randal Sanders are side by side elsewhere in the list. Peter paid 32 ½ cents tax.

1839 – Book called “the Barnett Klan,” by B. D. Barnett, published June 1956, says that “William Barnett was born March 22, 1814 near Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was the youngest of eleven children. His father died when he was 15 years old and his mother was remarried one year later to a man named Quarrels. Young William did not get along with his stepfather and he left home within a year after his mother remarried, riding on horseback to Tennessee, where he fell in with a man named Peter Sanders. William lived with them and they moved to Arkansas a couple of years later. Peter Sanders homesteaded a farm near Crowley Ridge, Arkansas. In 1839, William fell in love with Peter’s youngest daughter, Margaret Jane. Peter objected to their marriage because William was 10 years older than Margaret Jane, so the young couple eloped to an adjoining county, Margaret Jane riding behind William on horseback. After they were married they returned to Crowley Ridge and received the family blessing. They set up housekeeping and on February 5, 1847 a daughter was born to them whom they named Nancy Catherine. They moved to Wright County, Missouri a year later homesteading 160 acres on Clark’s Creek, 5 miles northwest of what is now Norwood, Missouri. On this place there was a very cold spring of water, near which they built their house. Peter Sanders had another daughter named Sally and a son named Matt, both of whom moved to Wright County following Margaret Jane. Sally married Uncle Sam McKinley, who homesteaded a place 2 miles west. Matt Sanders homesteaded a place on Whetstone Creek 5 miles northeast.” Another account, possibly written by Gertrude Cleghorn Josserand (1896-1982), suggests that this “Matt” is a grandson. She says: “In 1935, Matthew (James Mattison) Sanders of Wright Co MO, oldest living descendant of Peter Sanders, told me that his grandfather Peter Sanders came from North Carolina to Tennessee and was living in Maury Co TN when his father John Arch Sanders was born in 1812. Their home was on Duck River in Maury Co. Peter and his brother went to Williamson Co IL for a few years, then to Greene Co AR, then to Wright Co MO where they took up land about 1840-45. “Cousin Matt” (so called by my mother) said that Peter served in the Rev. War, but we find from census records that Peter was born in 1781, too young for that, so it must have been his father who served. My grandmother of Norwood MO, later of Lindsay, CA, visited us in 1935 and agreed to most of Matt’s reminiscences.” This account is also the one that identifies Peter’s wife as Michel Tarbutton (Joseph handwritten in as her father).

1839 – Peter Sanders with 1 poll listed beside A.J. Sanders (1 poll) in the 1839 Greene Co AR personal tax list. Jno. and Randel Sanders are side by side elsewhere in the listing.

1840 – Peter Sanders is listed in Cache Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 148 in the 1840 census with 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, and 1 female 50-60. Neighbors were Francis Sanders and Wm. Landrum.

1840 – Peter Sanders (poll column is blank) with 2 horses and 7 cows, is listed adjacent to A. J. Sanders, John Sanders Jr., and Jacob Sanders in the 1840 Greene Co AR personal tax list. Others nearby include Lewis Sanders, Wm. Sanders, Wm. H. and John Sanders (side by side), and Moses and John Sanders Sr (almost side by side). Peter paid $2.20 in tax.

1842 – Peter Sanders is on the 1842 Greene Co AR personal tax list with 0 polls, 2 horses, and 6 cows, and is listed beside A. J. Sanders and John Sanders Jr. Elsewhere are John, Franklin, and Randol Sanders (together) and W. H. Sanders. There is one additional Sanders entry but a hole obscures the first name. Peter’s value of holdings was $180.

1843 – Peter Sanders is on the 1843 Greene Co AR personal tax list with 0 polls, 2 horses, 5 cows, and a distillery listed next to Moses, Rev. John, and Lewis Sanders. Nearby are John Jr and A. J. Sanders (together), and a long distance off in the list are Randell, Johnson, Franklin, and Elijah Sanders (all together). W. H. Sanders appears by himself in the listing. Peter’s value of holdings was $230.

1844 – Peter Sanders is on the 1844 Greene Co AR personal tax list with 0 polls, 2 horses, and 8 cows, listed adjacent to M --- (?) Sanders (cannot read). Elsewhere on the list are John and Andrew Sanders (together), Lewis Sanders, illegible (could be Moses) Sanders, and W. H. Sanders. Peter’s value of holdings was $280.

1845 – Peter Sanders is on the 1845 Greene Co AR personal tax list with 0 polls, a distillery, 2 horses, and 8 cows, listed adjacent to Lewis Sanders. Elsewhere on the list are John and A. J. Sanders (side by side), Wm. H. Sanders, and David, Moses Sr., and Moses Jr. Sanders (all side by side). Peter’s value of holdings was $210.

1850 – Peter Sanders 69 Farmer NC is listed in District 102, Wright Co MO, p. 246 in the 1850 census with Marchall Sanders 68 NC, and Catharine Givens 13 GA. Neighbors were David Mosely and William Sanders.

1853 – Possibly the Peter Sanders, of Wright Co MO, with land certificate #13, 388 for 80 acres in Wright Co., being the west half of the southwest quarter of Section 11, Township 28N, Range 15W, acquired at Springfield MO Land District office, signed 1 Dec 1853 by President Franklin Pierce. There is a second land certificate #13,840, for Peter Sanders, of Wright Co MO, for 40 acres, in the southwest quarter of Section 11, Township 28 N, Range 15W, also signed 1 Dec 1853 by President Franklin Pierce. Both are cash entries. William O. Sanders acquires land in the very same section in 1861. This might be land acquired by Peter Sr (rather than Peter Jr born 1818) because this William O. Sanders is listed next to Peter Sanders in the 1850 census. The elder Peter Sanders was listed as a landowner in the 1860 census (his bounty land already being patented to an assignee). If so, how was the land sold or distributed to the next generation?

1854 – On 2 Oct 1854, Peter Sanders receives War of 1812 bounty land, 160 acres in the SW quarter, Section 8, Twp. 31N, Range 13W (in Wright Co MO), Springfield MO land district, which had been assigned to John M. Gorman and his heirs. This filing is per act of 28 Sep 1850 and is signed by President Franklin Pierce. Since there was an assignee, this would not be land owned by Peter Sanders at his death. The bounty land packet indicates that he served under a Captain Guess and Colonel Owens in the 28th Regiment, US Infantry as a Private (Act of 50-160, WT 15908, Can #362, Bundle #175, National Archives). He served from 27 Apr 1813 to 3 Sep 1813 for one year’s service but was reported sick. In an affidavit dated 3 Feb 1851 Wright Co MO, Peter (his X mark) Sanders states that he enlisted for twelve months service at Glasgow KY on 1 May 1814 and was honorably discharged on 1 May 1815, but that “his discharge was destroyed by the burning of his house.” Perhaps that first stint in service was out of Maury Co TN. The 28th Regiment was definitely a group of mostly Kentucky men headed by Capt. Gist (Guess).

1860 – Peters Sanders 81 Farmer $800/$200 NC is listed in Hartville P.O., Wright Co MO, p. 70 (handwritten number) in the 1860 census with Marchial Sanders 75 SC. Neighbors were Daniel Amos and John White.

1864 – Aug 15 – Peter Sanders dies in Wright Co MO per pension filing of his wife Michel (#33955). See nothing in probate journals for this year, but records for years before and after are on FamilySearch.

1870 – Cannot locate Michel Sanders in census records.

1878 – Sep 12 – Michel Sanders, age 97, by her mark, signs a widow’s pension application from Hartville, Wright Co MO before M. P. Allen, John J. Dulany, and James Forrest (County Clerk). She says that “she was married under the name of Michel Owens” about 1800 in Franklin Co GA to Peter Sanders, who died about 15 Aug 1864 in Wright Co MO. Michel says that “his discharge was burned with his house about 35 years ago.”

1879 – Apr 17 – Michel Sanders’ attorney sends an additional letter regarding the pension application. He says that Michel states that “her husband enlisted in Maury Co Tenn in a company of Tennessee militia and that she does not know the names of any of his commissioned officers. He was discharged somewhere near the Canada line. She also states that neither she nor the soldier ever received a land warrant.” The attorneys were Charles and George A. King.

1880 - The application was rejected on 24 Apr 1880, due to lack of proof of service, but it does not indicate if Michel is still living or not. Notices were sent to Sanders’ attorney in 1880 and in 1883. I have not located Michel on the 1880 census. One would think that there would be something in a local newspaper at the time of Michel’s death for someone this old. W. Loy Frisk Simmons on lists Michel's death date as 1882 but does not give a reference. It may quite possibly be correct. Civil death records don’t seem to start until about 1885 for the county. Goodspeed’s “History of Wright County MO (1889), p. 1173, speaking of James Forrest (born 1835 to Catharine Sanders Forrest), states that “the maternal grandfather and grandmother came to Missouri from Tennessee, and died in Wright county, the latter at the age of over one hundred years.”

Additional note: Moses Martin Sanders was an early member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who did temple work in about 1841 in Nauvoo IL on his “father David Sanders, mother Mary Sanders, grandfather Moses Sanders, grandmother Mary Sanders, aunt Nancy Mauldin, uncle Amos Sanders, brother William H. Sanders” – and again 31 Jan 1877 at St. George Temple for “grandfather Moses Sanders, uncles Moses, Aaron and Amos Sanders, great uncle Francis Sanders, second cousins Silas and Peter Sanders.” There are additional baptisms for members of the family who stayed in Franklin Co GA, but many of the names above were in the Greene Co AR tax lists in the 1840s and this is probably our Peter Sanders, although it doesn’t directly identify his father – possibly uncle Francis Sanders. [Reference: web site “Reverend Moses Sanders, Sr., of Franklin County, Georgia” – entered by Tammy Rae Cox Thompson, 2002]

Possible Children of Peter Sanders and wife Michel Owens/Tarbutton:

Surviving probate and deed records in Greene Co AR begin about 1876. Probate records in Wright Co MO start about 1856 but so far haven’t yielded any clues, so there is no record of the distribution of Peter’s land or an estate for the couple. This makes it difficult to prove children. Therefore, I will state why I have included each child in the listing. Two children, Joseph and Peter, don’t really have any connections with the others, except that they married into the Moody family. Another child, Benjamin, who appears in articles since the 1950s, also has no known connection and researchers have shown that one of the Wright Co Benjamins is a son of Benjamin and the other is a son of George. Researchers Gary Sanders (RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Sanders, Burton, Davis, Guyton, Miller, Moses, Pickering, Prestridge) and Wilene Smith (RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Sanders/Grogan Family File), and Dawna L. Bouchard (FamilyTreeMaker: Dawna Frisk’s Home Page) have made contributions on the Peter Sanders/Michel Tarbutton family group on the web and all have a slightly different set of children. Gary has my ancestor, Hiram Sanders, with parents Francis and Mary “Polly” Sanders. He may be right. The close connection of my ancestor Cornelius Sanders (son of Hiram) to the Andrew Jackson Sanders family (son of Peter) is why I place my Hiram Sanders family with Peter.

1. Hiram Sanders

Born ca. 1801 GA (census); died possibly before 1860 census; last listed in Union Co IL in 1859; married ca. 1820 TN to Rebecca McDaniel, who is living in Wright Co MN (Minnesota!) in 1860 with eldest daughter. Union Co IL Commissioners Records, 4 Sep 1861, “C.H. Willeford was allowed $5 for making the coffin for Mr. Sanders.” No clue as to first name. [My ancestor Hiram is linked to his children through a Bible record – there is little other evidence of relationship. His son Cornelius lived adjacent to Andrew Jackson Sanders below. I have an autosomal DNA match with descendants of Margaret Jane Sanders Barnett below.] See my web site – – for extended worksheet on Hiram Sanders.

a) Mary Ann Sanders, b. 7 Mar 1820 TN; m(1) 11 Apr 1839 Union Co IL to Andrew J. Cates; m(2) 13 Jan 1850 Union Co IL to Eliel Freeman
b) Archibald McDaniel Sanders, b. 9 May 1822 Limestone Co AL; d. 1896 Searcy Co AR; m(1) 7 Nov 1843 Union Co IL to Harriet Green; m(2) 28 Jul 1850 Union Co IL to Nancy M. Thornton; m(3) 1858 Jack Co TX to Malinda McEntire
c) Moses Ezekiel Sanders, b. 27 May 1826
d) Elias Cornelius Sanders, b. 9 Oct 1828 Jackson Co AL; d. 28 Sep 1877 Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO; m. ca. 1845 Greene Co AR to Matilda Jane (McIntosh) Sanders, possible widow of Lewis Sanders. [These are my great great grandparents.]
e) Phineas Ewing Sanders, b. 27 Apr 1830 Bedford Co TN
f) Lucinda Catherine Sanders, b. 19 Apr 1832 Collinsville, Madison Co IL; d. 7 Aug 1909 Santa Ana, Orange Co CA; m. 20 May 1856 Madison Co IL to Isaac Newton Look
g) Elizabeth Jane Sanders, b. 24 Jul 1834; perhaps the one who married 5 Nov 1867 Texas Co MO to John Gillmore or the one who married 12 Sep 1867 Union Co IL to David Love.

2. Andrew Jackson Sanders

Born ca. Aug 1809 TN; died 15 Oct 1858, aged 49 years, 1 month, 22 days (tombstone); buried Stubbs Cem., Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO; wife Sabrina, born ca. 1814; died 6 Jun 1869, aged 55 years, 5 months, 19 days (tombstone); buried in Stubbs Cem., Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO. 1840 census, Cache Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 146, as Jackson Sanders, Jr., with three children, listed next to John Sanders. 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 265, A. J. Sanders 38 TN; Sabrina 39 KY; and children. Patent, 1 Dec 1853, Andrew J. Sanders, 40 acres in Wright Co MO, NW ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 22, Twp. 29 N, Range 13 W. Patent, 15 May 1857, Andrew J. Sanders, 80 acres in Texas Co MO, N ½ NE ¼, Sect. 27, Twp 29 N, Range 12 W. Will of Andrew J. Sanders, Texas Co MO, Administration Bonds, v. 1, p. 124-130, dated 7 Aug 1858, probate 7 Dec 1858, names wife Sabrina and all children below. Executor, John A. Sanders of Wright Co MO; witnesses, Marshall M. Stubbs and Samuel C. Hardin. 1860 census, Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO, p. 8, Sabrina Sanders 26 KY $900/$600, with four youngest children living next to son Lewis Sanders. 1870, Distribution of estate to Alfred Delaney, Norvel Walker, Lewis J. Sanders, Anderson Barnhart, Sarena E. Sanders, and William S. Sanders. [Jackson Sanders appears on his first Greene Co AR tax lists in 1835 and is listed next to his probable father Peter Sanders. He lived next to and his buried next to my ancestor Cornelius Sanders (son of Hiram) in Stubbs Cem., Texas Co MO and the families considered themselves to be related. Andrew J. Sanders left a will and John A. Sanders below is the executor.]

a) William S. Sanders, b. ca. 1835 AR; m. Matilda E.
b) Lewis Jefferson Sanders, b. 21 Mar 1838 AR; d. 30 Mar 1884 Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO (dates on Stubbs Cemetery tombstone); m. Elizabeth Dotson (Fry) Sanders-Owens
c) Amelia Jane Sanders, b. ca. 1840 AR; m. Alfred Dulaney
d) Elias Sanders, b. ca. 1845 AR; d. 16 Jun 1864 Civil War of typhoid and pneumonia.
e) Minerva Catherine, b. ca. 1848 MO; d. 18 Jan 1907 Spokane, WA; m. 19 Aug 1866 Webster Co MO to Aaron C. Barnhart
f) Margaret Ann, b. ca. 1849 MO; m. Norval Walker
g) Sabrina Elzenia, b. ca. 1853 MO; d. Jan 1946; m. 8 Jun 1870 Texas Co MO to Charles Elibe Dulaney

3. John Archibald Sanders

Born 14 Feb 1812 Maury Co TN, died 29 Dec 1876 (dates on tombstone), buried Mountain Valley Cemetery, Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO. He was married in Sep 1833 (license on 6 Sept) in Gallatin Co IL to Minerva Robertson, by Samuel Elder JP (FHL 969485, File 1833 – loose papers). She was the daughter of Mark Robertson who gave his permission to wed. Minerva’s tombstone has the dates 1819-1896 in Mountain Valley Cem., Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO. Her photograph, submitted by Peggy Hays, appears on FindaGrave. There is a John Sanders on the 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834 Cache Twp., then Lawrence Co AR tax lists, and he is taxed in the new Greene Co AR in 1835, 1837, 1839, and 1839, generally next to Randal Sanders. I think our John A. Sanders might be the one who starts appearing in the Greene Co AR tax lists in 1840, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845 generally listed next to Peter Sanders and A. J. Sanders and distinguished as John Sanders “Jr.” He is called “Rev.” John Sanders in the 1843 tax list. 1840 census, Cache Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 146, listed next to Jackson Sanders, Jr., with two children. On 6 Feb 1841 Greene Co AR, Brother John Sanders was licensed to preach the gospel in the United Baptist Church of Christ at Salem. He was ordained to the ministry at the United Baptist Church of Christ at Union on 7 Aug 1841. Goodspeed’s “History of Wright County, Missouri,” p. 405, notes the formation of the Free Will Baptists about 1845, “with Jonathan Owens, John Sanders, John Forrest Sr., and old Mr. Bradshaw, leaders.” 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 246, John A. Sanders 38 TN farmer; wife Polly 30 IL; and children. Two land patents, 1 Dec 1853. Patent, 15 Sep 1854, John A. Sanders, 40 acres in Wright Co MO, SE ¼ NE ¼ Sect. 21, Twp. 29, Range 13. Patent, 1 Jun 1859, John A. Sanders, 40 acres in Wright Co MO, SW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 22, and 80 acres in SE ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 22, and part NE ¼ SE ¼ Sect. 21, Twp. 29, Range 13. 1860 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 82, John A. Sanders 50 TN farmer $1600/$1000; wife Polly M. 41 IL; and children. Makes Oath of Allegiance in Wright Co MO on 11 Jul 1862 to support the Union. Patent 20 Jul 1869. 1870 census, Wright Co MO, p. 488, John A. Sanders 60 TN farmer; wife Polly M. 51 IL; and children. Patent, 1 Jul 1871, John A. Sanders, 40 acres in Wright Co, NE ¼ SW ¼, Sect. 22, Twp. 29 N, Range 13 W. Patent, 10 Jan 1874. A. J. Sanders and Minerva Sanders appointed administrators of estate of A. J. Sanders [sic] on 17 Jan 1877 Wright Co; Final Settlement, estate of John A. Sanders, 10 Nov 1879; will 1 Dec 1879 – “on this day appears before me J. M. Sanders and being duly sworn on oath states that John A. Sanders had five living children at his death, Mirinda Moore, Mary M. Walker, A. J. Sanders, Analiza Dake, and James M. Sanders were all the living children at his death and also further states John A. Sanders Jr. and Nancy Dulaney all were children of Levi Sanders deceased and grand children of John A. Sanders.” The log home of John A. Sanders is pictured in the book “History and Families, Wright County, Missouri, p. 287. [John A. Sanders was Executor of will of Andrew J. Sanders above. He is also mentioned in the History of Gallatin Co IL in connection with Peter Sanders, born in Tennessee in 1781, and Archibald Sanders who came to Gallatin Co from NC, TN, and KY.]

a) Levi Sanders, b. ca. 1835 Gallatin Co IL; d. 1879 Wright Co MO; bur. Spillman Cem. (other account says killed in Civil War period); m. Jane E. Allen
b) Marinda Sanders, b. ca. 1837 IL; m. R. H. Moore
c) Mary Margaret Sanders, b. 18 Aug 1841 Greene Co AR; d. 4 Dec 1928 Waverly, Spokane Co WA; m. Joel R. Walker
d) Jacob B. Sanders, b. 1842 Greene Co AR; d. 7 Mar 1864 De Valls Bluff, Prairie Co AR from pneumonia during Civil War, Co. B, 8th Regt MO Cavalry
e) Andrew Jackson Sanders, b. 1847 MO; d. 1900 Webster Co MO; bur. Seymour Masonic Cem.; m. 1867/68 Wright Co MO to Sarah Catherine Grogan
f) Mark Sanders, b. 5 Feb 1849 Wright Co MO; d. ca. 1872 MO; bur. Mountain Valley Cem; single
g) James Madison/Matterson Sanders, b. 23 Sep 1851 Wright Co MO; d. 9 Oct 1938 Wright Co MO; bur. Mountain Valley Cem.; m. ca. 1870 Wright Co MO to Laura A. Reed
h) Ann Eliza Sanders, b. 13 Sep 1856 Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO; d. 22 Jan 1916 Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO; bur. Mountain Valley Cem.; m. Joseph Gardner Dake

4. Catherine Louisa Sanders

Born ca. 1814 TN; d. 1882 Wright Co MO; married ca. 1834 Greene Co AR to John Joshua James Forrest, born Nov 1810 Warren Co TN; died 18 Nov 1864 Hartville, Wright Co MO. 1840 census, Union Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 149, John Forrest with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-39, 1 female under 5, and 1 female 20-30; neighbors Sarah Simpson and Jacob Sanders. John Forrest Sr leader of the Free Will Baptists in 1845 Wright Co MO with Rev. John A. Sanders and others (Goodspeed’s History of Wright Co MO, p. 405). 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 261A, John Forrist 40 SC farmer $200; wife Catherine 34 TN; and family, neighbors Preston Pruck and George M. Sparks. Patent, John Forrest, certificate #10540, dated 1 Jul 1852, for 40 acres in NW ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 13, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. Patent, John Forrest, certificate #13689, dated 1 Dec 1853, for 40 acres in SW ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 13, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. Patent, John Forrest, certificate #25824, dated 1 Jun 1859, for 40 acres in SE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 13, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. 1860 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 954, John Forrest 50 SC farmer $1000/$2000; wife Katharine 46 TN, with family, neighbors Heghly A. Gideon and Pearson Bradshaw. Cannot locate the family in the 1870 census. Homestead application #12182, certificate #1367, for Catharine Forrest, dated 10 Jan 1874, for 120 acres in W ½ NW ¼ and SE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 24, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. 1880 census, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO, p. 551D, Catherine Forrest 65 TN widow, mother, keeping house, in household of the John J. Dulaney family; neighbor William Bradshaw. [The Forrest family were in the same church group as the Sanders children who are known to be associated with Peter Sanders.]

a) James H. Forrest, b. 3 Feb 1835 Greene Co AR; d. 24 Jul 1899 Amity, Yamhill Co OR; bur. Amity Cem.; m. Martha Ritchey
b) Jane Forrest, b. ca. 1836
c) Lewis W. Forrest, b. 10 Jun 1839 Greene Co AR; d. 7 Oct 1873 Dayton, Yamhill Co OR; m(1) 1856 Wright Co MO to Achsah Lambert; m(2) 20 Jul 1863 Montgomery Co IL to Ester Elizabeth Lawrence
d) Williamson C. Forrest, b. ca. 1842 AR
e) William B. Forrest, b. ca. 1844 AR; d. Macomb, McDonough Co IL
f) Mary Jane Forrest, b. 22 Nov 1845 Greene Co AR; d. 15 Sep 1915 Waverly, Spokane Co WA; m. ca. 1861 MO to James Wilson Lambert
g) John Josiah Forrest, b. ca. 1848 Montgomery Co MO; d. 1869 MO; m. Emily Susan Gideon
h) Hezekiah Forrest, b. ca. 1850 Wright Co MO
i) John Marion Forrest, b. 1 Nov 1851 Clarks Creek, Hartville, Wright Co MO; d. 24 Apr 1918 Springfield, Greene Co MO; bur. Shaddy Cem., Grovespring MO m(1) Jan 1872 Wright Co MO to Julia Ann Gideon; m(2) 1892 MO to Mildred Ann Dodson
j) Minerva Catherine Forrest, b. 14 Mar 1855 MO; d. Richland Parish LA; m. 16 Jul 1868 Wright Co MO to John J. Dulaney

5. Sarah “Sally” Sanders

Born Mar 1817 TN; d. 26 May 1903 Wright Co MO; married 25 Aug 1833 Lawrence Co AR to Samuel McKinley, born ca. 1813 TN; died 1879; bur. Curtis Cem. Samuel McKinley appears on the 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834 Cache Twp., then Lawrence Co AR tax list. 1840 census, Union Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 148, Samuel McKinley with 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, and 1 female 20-30; neighbors Francis Sanders and Peyton Johnson with Peter Sanders two doors away. Samuel McKinley one of founding members of Missionary Baptist Church at Clark’s Creek, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO ca. 1846-1847 with John Forrest, William Barnett, and others [Goodspeed’s History of Wright Co MO, p. 405]. 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 272, Samuel McKinley 45 TN farmer; wife Sarah 35 TN; and children; neighbors, Thomas Randel and William Barnett. Account by Charles Ray Owens, Liberty MO, indicates that Samuel McKinley purchased 40 acres in Clark Twp., Wright Co (Twp. 28, Range 14) on 13 Dec 1853 and sold this in 1860. There is a land patent, certificate #14273, filed at the Springfield Land Office on 15 Sep 1854 for 40 acres to Samuel McKindley in the NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 14, Twp. 28N, Range 14 W, Wright Co MO. Another patent under the spelling Samuel McKendley, certificate #26686, is dated 1 Mar 1860, for 80 acres in the W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 14, Twp. 28N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. 1860 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 951, Samuel McKinley 51 TN farmer $600/$400; wife Sarah 42 TN; and children; neighbors Carter Miller and Henry L. Sanders (who had a 1 yr old born AL). Charles Ray Owens account states that Samuel McKinley purchased 40 acres in Hart Twp., Wright Co MO of Thomas and Martha J. Randall in 1866 at intersection of Tharp School Road and Retherford Road. 1870 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 478B, Samuel McKindley [sic] 62 TN farmer $800/$500; wife Sarah 52 TN keeping house; with children; neighbors John Absher and J. L. Moore. Two children, Elizabeth (b. ca. 1860) and Sarah Jane (b. ca. 1862) with the family in 1870 are probably her grandchildren, born of her deceased son John McKinley, even though she stated she had 7 children in 1900. There is a homestead application #2077 and certificate #2592 for Samuel McKindley dated 20 Dec 1875 for 120 acres, the SW ¼ NE ¼ and the E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 34, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, in Wright Co MO. The Charles Ray Owens account says that “Sam, a hunter all of his life, was dead by the time of the 1880 census. Son Peter never left the family farm and was the one who settled his father’s estate about 1881. This was accomplished by buying out Sam’s orphaned grandchildren, Mary Elizabeth Forbes Moody, Jonathan and Billy Moody, and James McKinley.” 1880 census, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO, p. 550B, Sarah McKinley 63 widow TN GA GA; Catherine 32 daughter MO TN TN; and Sarah J. Forbes 18 granddaughter MO AL AR; neighbors Peter McKinley and Riley Sharp. 1900 census, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO, ED 148, sheet 14, Catherine Smith (Head of family), b. Oct 1845 AR TN TN, widow with no children; Sarah McKinley, mother, born Mar 1817 TN GA GA, widow with 7 children, 2 living; neighbors Joseph Shields and Peter McKinley. [Mentioned as a sister in Barnett family book; named children Peter and Michel; lived beside Peter Sanders and William Barnett.]

a) Esther Jane (Margaret) “Peggy” aka “Liddie” McKinley, b. ca. 1837 AR; m. Noah Moody
b) John McKinley, b. ca. 1840 AR; d. 1861 Ozark Co MO (hanged by bushwhackers); wife Nancy Anne
c) Michel McKinley, b. ca. 1842 AR
d) Catharine McKinley, b. Oct 1845 AR; d. 8 Jan 1929 Ozark Co MO; m. Mr. Smith
e) Peter McKinley, b. 16 Apr 1850 MO; d. 4 Jul 1933 Ozark Co MO; bur. Ball Cem., Dora MO; wife Mary Ann Davidson

6. Peter Sanders

Born 9 Feb 1818 Bedford Co TN; died 6 Nov 1882 near Jasper, Newton Co AR; stone in old Dodson Cemetery, Newton Co AR; wife Mary Jane Moody. 1850 census, Texas Co MO, p. 23, Peter Sanders 31 TN farmer; wife Jane 31 TN; and children. 1855 noted as a Justice of the Peace in Texas Co MO. Patent, 15 May 1857, Peter Sanders, for 40 acres in Texas Co, NE ¼ NW ¼, Sect. 24, Twp. 31 N, Range 11 W. Other land patents, 1 Jun 1859 for NW ¼ NE ¼ Sect 24, Twp. 31 N, Range 11 W, and 1 Mar 1860 for SE ¼ SE ¼ Sect. 35, Twp. 31 N, Range 11 W add to this tract, but it is difficult to distinguish other patents from the Peter Sanders (b. 1841), of Lewis and Matilda Jane (McIntosh) Sanders, who lived in the same area – as well as Peter Sanders Sr. 1860 census, Plum Valley PO, Upton Twp., Texas Co MO, Peter Sanders 42 TN farmer $1500/$2940; wife Jane 42 TN; and children. This Peter Sanders was a Mason and a veteran of the Civil War, serving in Co. E, 4th Regiment, Burbridge’s Missouri Cavalry. 1870 census, Flippin Barns Twp., Marion Co AR, p. 483, Peter Sanders 52 TN house carpenter 0/$100; wife Jane 52 TN; and children. 1880 census, Prairie Twp., Newton Co AR, p. 619, Peter Sanders 63 TN/TN/TN farming; wife Mary 60 TN/TN/IL keeping house; son Newton 17 MO/TN/IL [sic] farming. [I don’t really have anything that connects Peter Sanders to the Peter Sanders Sr family. As mentioned, the Moody family lived closer to Moses Sanders, although it is likely that Peter would have named a son Peter.]

a) Mary Sanders, b. ca. 1837 IL; d. 1900 Scott, Lonoke Co AR; m. Richard Paschal Dickens
b) Nancy Sanders, b. Feb 1839 IL; d. 11 Jan 1900 Dover, Pope Co AR; m. James Martin
c) Thomas P. Sanders, b. ca. 1841 IL
d) Susan Ann Sanders, b. ca. 1843 IL; m. Barney L. Smith
e) Jasper Sanders, b. 6 Mar 1846 MO; d. 3 Mar 1930 Muskogee Co OK; bur. Briartown Cem., Muskogee Co OK; m(1) 20 Jul 1871 Newton Co AR to Mary Josephine Ramsey; m(2) 28 Nov 1893 Newton Co AR to Martha E. Hammon
f) Sarah Jane Sanders, b. ca. 1848 MO
g) Angeline Sanders, b. ca. 1850 MO
h) Elizabeth C. Sanders, b. ca. 1852 MO
i) P. Harry Sanders, b. ca. 1857 MO
j) Melissa Sanders, b. ca. 1859 MO
k) Newton Sanders, b. ca. 1861 MO; m. Cynthia J. Sanders

7. Lewis Sanders

Born ca. 1820; died after 1845 and before 1847; married Matilda Jane McIntosh, who married second to Cornelius Sanders (son of Hiram and Rebecca McDaniel Sanders). Matilda Jane was born 19 May 1825 in Weakley Co TN and died 10 Mar 1894 in Beaver Creek, Texas Co MO; buried Stubbs Cemetery in Clinton Twp., Texas Co MO. 1840 census, Cache Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 140, Lewis Sanders, with 1 male 20-30 and 1 female 15-20; neighbors Solomon McIntosh and John McDaniel. Lewis Sanders is first taxed in 1843 Greene Co AR, with 1 poll, 2 horses, 1 cow, listed next to Peter Sanders, Rev. John Sanders, and Moses Sanders. He is also taxed there in 1844 with 1 poll, 2 horses, 1 cow, listed separately but very close to John Sanders and Andrew J. Sanders. He is last taxed in Greene Co AR in 1845 with 1 poll, 2 horses, 2 cows, listed next to Peter Sanders with his distillery. He likely died prior to 1847 when a son, Lewis Sanders, was born to Matilda Jane McIntosh and her second husband Cornelius Sanders. See Hiram Sanders account for more information on this family. [I have included Lewis Sanders with the Peter Sanders family, as he lived next to Peter Sanders, as he named his first child Peter, and as my grandmother Edith Sanders Neel said that her grandmother Matilda Jane McIntosh married two Sanders brothers. This cannot be, since the Bible of Hiram Sanders mentions only her husband Cornelius Sanders, but perhaps they were nephew and uncle.]

a) Peter Sanders, b. 17 Jul 1841 Greene Co AR; d. 3 May 1899 Texas Co MO; m(1) 2 Feb 1860 to Elizabeth Hellums, who d. 5 Sept 1861 Wright Co MO; m(2) Elizabeth Savira McGlothlin aka Frost; divorced from second wife in March Term 1868 Wright Co MO; m(3) 5 Apr 1868 Hartville, MO to Emily Caroline Hardin, d. 14 Sept 1923.

8. Jacob Sanders

Born ca. 1822; died after 1840. Jacob Sanders appears in the 1840 Union Twp., Greene Co AR census, p. 149, with 1 male 15-20 and 1 female 15-20; neighbors John Forrest and Wm. Tailor. On the 1840 tax list for Greene Co AR, he is taxed on 1 horse, and he is grouped with Peter Sanders, A. J. Sanders, and John Sanders, Jr. He does not appear on the 1839 or 1842 tax lists with the others. Perhaps he died without issue. I cannot connect him definitively with people of that name in later census and land records. The Jacob Sanders who shows up in Wright Co MO is a War of 1812 veteran, much too old for this Greene Co AR man. [Included with Peter Sanders family since he was a neighbor of Peter Sanders, Andrew Jackson Sanders, John A. Sanders, and John Forrest.]

9. Margaret Jane Sanders

Born 31 Aug 1824 TN; died 18 Apr 1909 Norwood, Wright Co MO; stone in Curtis Cemetery, Norwood; m. 1839 Crowley, Greene Co AR to William J. Barnett, born 22 Mar 1814 Cynthiana, Harrison Co KY; d. 6 Mar 1884 Norwood, Wright Co MO; stone in Curtis Cemetery; member Co. C, 73rd Enrolled Missouri Militia during the Civil War. William Barnett taxed in Greene Co AR in 1839 and 1840. 1840 census, Cache Twp., Greene Co AR, p. 141, William Barnet, with 1 male 20-30 and 1 female 15-20, neighbors Moses Sanders and William Vaughan. Goodspeed’s “History of Wright County, Missouri,” p. 405, indicates that a Missionary Baptist church was organized on Clark’s Creek in Hart Township in 1846-1847 by Jonathan Owens. Among the members were John Forrest, William Barnett, and Samuel McKinley. 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 272, William Barnett 37 TN farmer; wife Margaret 27 TN; and family. Patent, William Barnett, dated 1 Dec 1853, certificate #13935, for 80 acres, SE ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 26 Twp 29N, Range 14 W, and SE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 35, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, in Wright Co MO. 1860 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 75, William Barnett 46 TN farmer $400/$1000; wife Margaret 36 TN; and children. 1870 census, Wright Co MO, p. 491, lists William Barnett 56 TN farmer $2000/$800; wife Margaret 45 TN keeping house, and family; neighbors William Tripp and Solomon Weaver. Michel is noted as a 13-year old male. 1880 census, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO, p. 550A, William Barnett 66 TN/on sea/VA farmer; wife Margaret 56 TN; with Nancy J. Pointer 25 IL servant; neighbors Abe Lucas and Peter S. Barnett. Homestead application #5971, certificate #10409, dated 17 Jul 1890 by Margaret J. Barnett, widow of William Barnett, for 40 acres in the NE ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 35, Twp. 29N, Range 14W, Wright Co MO. 1900 census, Hart Twp., Wright Co MO, ED 148, sheet 6A, Margarett J. Barnett, mother, born Oct 1823 TN AL GA, had 11 children, 6 living, with Andrew J. Barnett family. So, there are three more children, not identified here, who likely died young. [Margaret Jane is identified in the “Barnett Klan” genealogy as being a daughter of Peter Sanders and a sister to Sally Sanders McKinley and Matt Sanders.]

a) Sarah “Sally” Louise Barnett, b. 23 Apr 1845 Greene Co AR; d. 7 Mar 1875 Wright Co MO; m. 18 Oct 1860 to James Richard Sparks
b) Nancy Catherine Barnett, b. 5 Feb 1847 Greene Co AR; d. 11 Apr 1928 Norwood, Wright Co MO; m. ca. 1866 probably Wright Co MO to Jacob Harrison Kelley
c) Andrew Jackson Barnett, b. 11 Nov 1849 Wright Co MO; d. 8 Nov 1928 Wright Co MO; m(1) 10 Jan 1865 probably in Wright Co MO to Louisa Jane Calhoun; m(2) 8 Nov 1903 Wright Co MO to Rosa Elizabeth (Murr) McGown.
d) John Faulkner Forrest Barnett, b. 9 Apr 1851 Wright Co MO; d. 1925 Lindsay, Tulare Co CA; m. ca. 1869 probably in Wright Co MO to Emily Susan Gideon
e) William Randall Barnett, b. 20 May 1853 Wright Co MO; d. 18 Jan 1899 Norwood, Wright Co MO; m. 1871 probably in Wright Co MO to Bethany Elizabeth Fleming
f) Peter Sanders Barnett, b. 14 Jan 1855 Wright Co MO; d. 5 Feb 1925 Wright Co MO; married ca. 1873 to Martha Adaline Rutherford
g) Michel Priscilla Barnett, b. 13 Aug 1857 Wright Co MO; d. ca. 1917 Wright Co MO; married ca. 1876 Wright Co MO to William Jasper Allen
h) Margaret “Peggy” Jane Barnett, b. ca. 1861 Wright Co MO; married ca. 1875 Abe Lucas

10. William Overton “Black Bill” Sanders

Born ca. 1827 Lawrence Co TN; d. 14 Feb 1882 Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO; bur. Mountain Valley Cemetery; m(1) Nancy Frances Moody, born ca. 1833; died after 1865; m(2) Martha Jane Wynn, born ca. 1846; died after 1902. 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 246, William Sanders 20 TN farmer; wife Nancy 17 birthplace blank; and children. 1860 census, Wright Co MO, p. 64, Wm. O. Sanders 29 TN blacksmith $300 personal; wife Frances 28 TN; and children. Patent, 27 Mar 1861, William O. Sanders, 40 acres in Wright Co, SE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 11, Twp. 28 N, Range 15 W. Civil War veteran, Co. G, 16th MO Cavalry. [William O. Sanders lived next to Peter and Michel Sanders in the 1850 census, and William O. Sanders acquired land in the same section as Peter Sanders Sr in 1861. Some researchers have suggested that he might be a grandchild of Peter in some way because Michel would have been age 45 or 46.]

a) Peter Sanders, b. 5 Feb 1848 MO; m. Catherine Sanders
b) Dorcas Sanders, b. Feb 1850 Wright Co MO; died before 1860 census
c) Michel Sanders, b. 12 Nov (elsewhere 11 Dec) 1851 Wright Co MO; d. 16 Jun 1938 Houston, Texas Co MO; m. 14 Dec 1871 Texas Co MO to James Bolin Nevels
d) James Calvin Sanders, b. 10 Oct 1854 Wright Co MO; d. 6 Mar 1941; bur. Union Chapel Cem., Texas Co MO; m. Sarah Jane Campbell
e) Elizabeth “Betty” J. Sanders, b. ca. 1856 Wright Co MO
f) David Sanders, b. ca. 1858 Wright Co MO; death date unknown, but name on stone in Pleasant Hill Cem., Texas Co MO
g) John M. F. Sanders, b. 1860 Wright Co MO
h) Madison “Matt” Grant Sanders, b. 12 Oct 1865 Wright Co MO; d. 26 Jan 1940 Texas Co MO; bur. Pleasant Hill Cem., Texas Co MO; m. Mary Malinda Hale
i) Emily Viola Sanders, b. 16 Jan 1870 Texas Co MO; d. 3 Jan 1963 Chickasha, Grady Co OK; bur. Evergreen Cem., Minco OK; m. 1886 William Franklyn Starkey

Children in previous lists who are probably not Peter’s children:

A. Joseph Sanders

Born 6 Dec 1807 Randolph Co NC; died between 1860 and 1870 Douglas Co MO; m(1) 7 May 1829 Lawrence Co TN (bond and license) to Catherine Moody, who died in 1860, age 53 years; m(2) Barbara (Pence) Calhoun, b. 1807 Madison Co AL; d. 1881 Lawrence Co AR. Barbary Pense had married 24 Jul 1823 Madison Co AL to James H. C. Calhoun, by Thomas Simmons JP (Madison Co AL Marriages, Vol. C, p. 473). James H. C. Calhoun, 1803 SC – 1846 MO was buried in Wolf Creek Primitive Baptist Cem., Wright Co MO, so it is likely that the Calhoun/Sanders second marriage occurred in Wright Co MO. There is no listing in the 1830 Lawrence Co TN census for Joseph Sanders. There is a male age 20-30 and a female age 20-30 in the household of Moses Sanders (age 70-80) in the 1830 Lawrence Co TN census but none of that age group in the Peter Sanders family. There is a Joseph Sanders, age 20-30, with wife 15-20, and a female under age 5, located in the 1830 Jackson Co AL census, p. 118, living next door to George Sanders, age 40-50. (This is some distance from the Benjamin Sanders age 20-30, George W. Sanders age 40-50, and John Suggs group on pp. 101-102 Jackson Co AL). I cannot locate Joseph Sanders in the 1840 census. 1850 census, Wright Co MO, p. 245B, Joseph Sanders 43 NC farmer; wife Catharine 39 OH; and family; neighbors George W. Calhoon and John Cody. Living with them is one Jacob Entseter 50 OH, an “Indian Doctor”. John A. Sanders (probably son of Peter) is living two doors away. Military warrant #85419, for 40 acres, in Douglas Co MO is made out to Asa Moore, a Private in Capt. Farmer’s Co., Tennessee Militia, War of 1812, but is assigned to Joseph Sanders. This is in the NE ¼ SW ¼, Sect. 17, Twp. 26N, Range 14W. Patent, Joseph Sanders, certificate #25247, dated 1 Jun 1859, for 40 acres in NW ¼ SW ¼ Sect. 17, Twp 26N, Range 14W, Douglas Co MO. 1860 census, Falling Spring PO, Douglas Co MO, p. 853, Joseph Sanders 52 NC farmer $1000/$500; wife Barbara 52 SC, with family; neighbors John B. Bailes and Sarah Vaughn. Some of the family is living in Lawrence Co AR in the 1870 census but I do not spot Barbara. 1880 census, Campbell Twp., Lawrence Co AR, p. 495B, Barbara Sanders 85 SC/Prussia/Prussia, mother and widower, living with the James Calhoun family. [I don’t really have any evidence to show that Joseph Sanders was connected with anyone in the Peter Sanders family, and remember that the Moody family lived closer to Moses Sanders. Joseph lived two doors from John A. Sanders in the 1850 census. It is interesting that Joseph Sanders claims North Carolina birth in census records, although the web sites say he was born in Georgia. He might actually belong to one Jesse Sanders. Some online charts (Floyd E. Scott tree on, for example) state that Barbary Pense and first husband James H. C. Calhoun, had a son George W. Calhoun who married 26 Nov 1842 Rebecca Sanders, born 1820, daughter of Jesse and Phebe Sanders of Lawrence Co TN, and that Rebecca’s older sibling, Joseph Sanders, born 1807, is the one above (Barbary married her daughter-in-law’s older brother for a second husband) - but they still list the same Joseph under Peter Sanders too.]

a) Alphonse/Alfred Sanders, b. 1831 Lawrence Co TN; d. 1870 TN; m. Nancy Pickett
b) Phoebe Sanders, b. ca. 1837 Lawrence Co TN
c) William C. Sanders, b. Dec 1839 Lawrence Co TN; d. 1905 Yuba City CA; m. 1869 CA to Matilda L. Longcor
d) Mary Sanders, b. ca. 1843 Wright Co MO
e) Jacob Sanders, b. ca. 1844 Wright Co MO; d. 11 Oct 1921 Skagit Co WA; m. 4 Jan 1866 Wright Co MO to Katherine Austin
f) Stephen Davis Sanders aka Stephen Davis, b. ca. 1847 (adopted) d. 27 Feb 1908 OR; m. 1869 Wright Co MO to Martha Margaret Ross

B. Benjamin Sanders, Jr.

Born ca. 1804 Randolph Co NC; d. Oct 1863 Wright Co MO (or sometime prior to his Jan 1866 estate settlement), having been “killed by the federals during the war of the sixties”; m(1) 19 May 1825 Randolph Co NC (bond by Benjamin Sanders) to Liney Sugg, b. NC; d. ca. 1849 Jackson Co AL; m(2) ca. 1853 Jackson Co AL to Intha Adeline Freeman (widow of George Gifford), b. 6 Feb 1821 TN; d. 1881 Fannin Co TX. 1840 census, Jackson Co AL, p. 41, Benjamin Sanders with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 30-40; neighbors Nancy Clark and Elizabeth White. Deed, 15 Feb 1847, Benjamin Sanders and wife Linney to Moses Higginbotham, tract in Jackson Co AL (Vol. Q, p. 569). 1850 census, Twp. 2, Range 5, Jackson Co AL, p. 93A, Benjamin Sanders 46 NC farmer $400; no wife; and children; neighbors Benjamin Sanders (age 31 NC with wife Mary) and Tary Bulleton. 1860 census, Hartville PO, Wright Co MO, p. 948, Benjamin Sanders 56 NC farmer $500/$300; wife Adeline 35 TN tailoress; and children; neighbors B. N. Sanders and Wm. R. Adamson, with Peter/Marchial Sanders two houses away. Patent, Benjamin Sanders, 1 Oct 1860, for 80 acres in N ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10, Twp. 28N, Range 14W, Wright Co. Patent, Benjamin Sanders, 27 Mar 1861, 40 acres in SW ¼, SE ¼, Sect. 36, Twp. 29N, Range 15W, Wright Co MO. Benjamin Sanders is said to have been a blacksmith. [This Benjamin Sanders who lived near Peter Sanders has been identified as a son of an older Benjamin Sanders by Gary Sanders. Another Benjamin Sanders (1813-1874) of Wright Co MO has been identified as the one who married first to Polly Moody in Lawrence Co TN; second to Nancy Jane Lovelady; and third to Nancy Emmeline Billingsley. This one gets funds in 1871 from the estate of his father George McGuire Sanders (1784-1867) per court records. Neither Benjamin is therefore a son of our Peter Sanders.]

a) Sarah A. Sanders, b. ca. 1827 Randolph Co NC; d. 1860 Wright Co MO; m. Brantley N. Sanders
b) Matilda Caroline Sanders, b. 30 Oct 1828 NC; d. 3 Sep 1918 Grantsville, Linn Co MO; m. Miller
c) Henry L. Sanders, b. ca. 1830 Montgomery Co NC; d. 28 Aug 1869 Wright Co MO
d) George Levi Lindsey Sanders, b. 21 Feb 1837 Jackson Co AL; d. 4 Jan 1917 Van Zandt Co TX; bur. Marvin Chapel Cem.; m. 1859 Dallas Co TX to Susan Collins (but is with his father in 1860 census?).
e) Lucinda Jane Sanders, b. ca. 1839 AL; d. 1880 Wise Co TX
f) Mary Maldira Nancy Louise Sanders, b. 14 Apr 1841 Jackson Co AL; d. 15 Jan 1922 Thayer, Oregon Co MO; bur. King Cem., Dalton AR; m. 1 Dec 1864 Elias Hodge Duboise
g) Perlena Catherine Sanders, b. 14 Jan 1846 Jackson AL; d. 13 Aug 1903; bur. Dills Cem., Alton, Oregon Co MO; m. 21 May 1867 Oregon Co MO to John Hardy Crews
h) Benjamin Sanders, b. ca. 1849 AL; died
i) John William Sanders, b. Apr 1853 Jackson Co AL; d. 7 Mar 1903 Alice, Jim Wells Co TX; m. 1 Mar 1883 Fannin Co TX to Alice Cornelia McCubbins
j) Frances Alabama Sanders, b. 4 Jul 1854 Jackson Co AL; d. 4 Aug 1930 Montague Co TX; m. Lee A. Vessar
k) Lewis T. Sanders, b. ca. 1857 Jackson Co AL
l) Benjamin Redwine Sanders, b. 8 Aug 1859 Jackson Co AL; 23 Dec 1939 Marble Falls, Burnet Co TX; m. 26 Mar 1882 Clara Elinor Grindstaff
m) Isabel Clementine Sanders, b. 9 Jan 1863 Wright Co MO; d. 9 Oct 1917 Fannin Co TX; m. E. F. Vankirk

Note: This article was compiled by Thomas Stephen Neel. My line is Peter – Hiram – Cornelius – William – Edith. Although a lot of the research here is my own, I have pulled many of the dates and spouses given for the grandchildren from previous accounts by Gary Sanders, Dawna Bouchard, Wilene Smith, Austin Stafford, and other correspondents (my research going back to the 1980s). Unfortunately, we have no family record (Bible) that confirms the family of Peter Sanders. I have organized Peter’s life in timeline fashion so that we can easily see the gaps.

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