New London is a very popular name in these United States. There are a total of seventeen New London's in our country. Here is some information on these New London's.
  1. New London, CT is the largest of the New Londons with a population of 32,842 citizens. It is located at the mouth of the Thames River and is on Interstate 85. It is in New London County and the Post Office zip code is 06320.

  2. New London (Waupaca County), WI comes in second with a population of over 7,000. It is on U.S. Route 45 and Wisconsin State Route 54. The Post Office zip code is 54961.

  3. New London (Merrimack County), NH has a population of over 3,200 and is on Interstate 89. Zip code is 03257.

  4. New London (Huron County), Ohio has population of 2796 and is on State Routes 162 and 60.

  5. New London (Ralls County), MO 63459 has 1,161 citizens and is located on U.S. Route 61 and State Route 19.

  6. New London (Rusk County), TX 75682 has 942 citizens and is on State Route 42 in a very rural area. It is not easy to find.

  7. New London (Kandiyohi County), MN 56273 is a village of 812 citizens and is on State Route 9 with plenty of lakes nearby. Their high school has the honor of being called "Wildcats" the same as ours.

  8. New London (Stanley County), NC 28127 is a small village of 454 located on U.S. Route 52 and State Route 740 which begins in the village.

  9. New London (Henry County), Iowa 52645 has a population of just over 2000 folks. It is located on U.S. Route 34 and is a farming community.

  10. Pennsylvania has the honor of having two New Londons! New London (Chester County), PA 19360, a community of about 300 is located on State Route 896 just off of Interstate 1 in the southeastern corner of the state.

  11. New London (Warren County), PA has no post office and is a small settlement on State Route 2002 on Muddy Run Creek in a very wilderness territory.

  12. New London (Howard County, IN also has no post office and is located on a county road off of State Route 26 north of Russiaville. Hard to find.

  13. New London (Oneida County), NY has no post office and is on State Route 46 and old route 49 in very hilly country.

  14. New London (Talladega County), AL also has no post office as it is too small and is located on U.S. Route 231.

  15. New London (Union County), AR. Too small for a post office with less than a hundred citizens, it is on a county road off of State Route 275 and is also a very hard place to find.

  16. New London (Frederick County), MD is another very small crossroads town on state Route 75 in rural country.

  17. New London (Harbor County, WA is on Interstate 101 and is another small community with no post office but much easier to get to than most of the New Londons.

To close this story I would like to remind you that Wakeman, Ohio happens to be the only Wakeman in the United States!

V.K. Neel, thanks to the computer!

Those of you who frequent Ebay for New London, Ohio items know that Ohio also has a second New London, a small community in Butler County, Ohio. I believe it is now called Shannon. The store kept by one H.H. Robinson is pictured on some old paper money issued at New London, Butler Co., Ohio, and is on the auction block frequently.

Tom Neel