ANDREW S. SPURGEON, Co. D, 3rd Iowa Cavalry.

Affidavit, 13 Jun 1863, Jackson Jones, states he is a private of Co. B, 35th Regt MO Vols, commanded by Capt. Alexander Scott, of which Robert Fowler, now deceased, was a member. He knew that Robert Fowler died at Helena AR about 19 Jan 1863 of typhoid fever, inflammatory rheumatism and jaundice. Signed in Gentry Co MO.

Affidavit, 24 Jun 1863, Charles Meek and Wm. W. Scott, well known residents of Worth Co MO, are acquainted with Abigill Z. Fowler, and state that she has remained unmarried since the death of Robert Fowler, and that she has no children, and now resides in Worth Co MO.

Note, 24 Jun 1863, Thomas A. Ball, Minister of the Gospel, married Robert Fowler and Abigill Paxton on 6 Apr 1862 in Worth Co MO. P.M. Scott, County Clerk.

Affidavit, 24 Jun 1863, Abigill Z. Fowler, age 20, of Worth Co MO, widow of Robert Fowler, a private in Co. B, commanded by Alexander Scott in the 35th regiment of Infantry, Missouri Volunteers, who died at Helena AR about 19 Jan 1863 of typhoid fever, jaundice, and rheumatism. She was married to Robert Fowler on 6 Apr 1862. Witnesses, R.N. Williams, Charles Meek. Abigill Z. Fowler further declares Charles G. Comstock of Gentry Co MO, her lawful attorney, to claim and secure a pension.

Adjutant Generalís Office, 6 Nov 1863, Pension No. 26654, Robert Fowler was enrolled 19 Aug 1862 at Oxford in Co. B, 35th Regt MO Volunteers, to serve 3 years, and was mustered in as a Private on 30 Sep 1862 at Benton Barracks MO. He died of disease at Helena AR on 20 Jan 1863 [sic]. Relative to pension claim of Abigail Z. Fowler, Worth Co MO.

Surgeon Generalís Office, 14 Apr 1864, Private Robert Fowler, Co. B, 35th Regt, MO Vols., died Jan 19, 1863 [sic] at General Hospital, Helena AR.

Department of Interior, Pension Office, 10 Mar 1881, Andrew S. Spurgin, claim #320,632, late a Private in Co. D, 3rd Iowa Cavalry, has disability from erysipelas, disease of the kidneys, and a general debility from the winter of 1863 and 1864. He was treated in the Regimental Hospital in Memphis TN and Louisville KY. He was discharged 9 Aug 1865. J.A. Bentley, Commissioner.

Adjutant Generalís Office, 7 May 1881, Andrew S. Spurgeon, Co. D, 3rd Regt. IA Cavalry, enrolled 27 Feb 1864 at Bloomfield; was mustered in 11 Mar 1864 at Keokuk IA; was marked absent 31 Dec 1864, but no remark. He is not on the returns for November and December. On 28 Feb 1865, he was sent to the hospital at Louisville KY. He was mustered out with the company on 9 Aug 1865. The Regimental Hospital Register shows the following: admitted 21 May 1864 with opthalmia, out same day to General Hospital at Memphis TN; admitted 17 Jul 1864 with remittent fever and returned to duty 28 Jul 1864; admitted 29 Jul 1864 with debility, and returned to duty 4 Aug 1864; admitted 26 Sep 1864 with intermittent fever, and returned to duty 3 Oct 1864; admitted 23 Jan 1865 with bronchitis, and sent to General Hospital at Louisville KY on same day.

Surgeon Generalís Office, 24 Jun 1881, Andrew S. Spurgeon, Private, Co. D, 3rd IA Cavalry, was admitted to Overton General Hospital, Memphis TN on 21 May 1864 with catarrha rheumatic ophthalmia, and returned to duty on 25 May 1864. He was admitted to Foundry General Hospital, Louisville KY, on 22 Jan 1865 with acute rheumatism and transferred 2 Feb 1865 to Eruptive General Hospital, Louisville KY with erysipelas and returned to duty 20 Apr 1865.

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, 15 Jan 1898, Andrew S. Spurgeon, stated that his first wife was Nancy Acres, deceased, to whom he was married in 1844 by Judge Davis in Washington Co IN; she died 8 Sep 1880. He married second in 1881 to a widow named Abbie Harden, and they separated in Dec 1884 and have had no relation since that time. His children living were: Harrison Spurgeon, born 27 Nov 1852; Simon Spurgeon, born 21 Nov 1858; and Jane Powell, born 11 Feb 1875.

Declaration for Widowís Pension, 27 Nov 1899, Abbie Spurgeon, age 50, of Kansas City, Wyandotte Co MO, states she is the widow of Andrew Spurgeon who enlisted in Co. D, 3rd IA Cavalry in Davis Co IA, and who died 3 Nov 1899. She was married to him under the name Abbie Harding on 15 Mar 1881 by a Justice of the Peace in Kansas City MO. The soldier had a first wife who died about 1880, and the claimant had been married to James H. Harding who died inAug 1879. The soldier died leaving no children under age 16. The claimantís other husband was a pensioner. Her address is 208 North 2nd Street.

US Pension Agency, 29 Nov 1899, Pensioner Dropped, Andrew S. Spurgeon, #690,388, Invalid, due to death on 4 Nov 1899. Was last paid $6 on 4 Aug 1899.

County Clerk of Wyandotte County KS, 18 Dec 1899, Leonard Daniels, County Clerk, reported that A.S. Spurgeon owned Lots 32, 33 and 34 in Block 3 of Lovelace Place in Shawnee Township in 1898 and 1899.

Neighbors Affidavit, 15 Jan 1900, Alexander C. Powell, age 49, and Sarah J. Powell, age 47, of Turner, Wyandotte Co KS, were well acquainted with Nancy Akers, first wife of the soldier, and that he was not married previous to her. This marriage occurred about 1 Oct 1844. [the word ďDeadĒ was written beside the mark of Sarah Jane Powell].

Neighbors Affidavit, 15 Jan 1900, Alexander C. Powell, age 49, and Sarah J. Powell, age 47, of Turner KS, further state that Nancy Spurgeon died at Turner KS about 8 Sep 1880. They attended her funeral. Andrew Spurgeon remained single until his marriage with Abbie Harding on 15 Mar 1881. Andrew Spurgeon cohabited with Abbie Spurgeon and never divorced her. He left no children under age 16 at the time of his death, 3 Nov 1899.

Neighbors Affidavit, 26 Jan 1900, John N. Paxton, age 51 of Oxford P.O., Worth Co MO, was intimately acquainted with Abbie Paxton before her marriage to Robert Fowler in Apr 1863 [sic]; that she had not been previously married; that he enlisted in the 35th MO Infantry soon after their marriage, they think in Co. B. Abbie Fowler drew a pension on account of said Fowlerís death up to her remarriage to James H. Harding in Sep 1864. Witnesses, William M. Cox, E.J. Black.

Neighbors Affidavit, ó Jan 1900, John N. Paxton, age 50, and Rolan Huff, age 60, of Oxford P.O., Worth Co MO, state the save as above. Witnesses, H.D. White, T.M. Arnold.

Medical Affidavit, 26 Jan 1900, Dr. E.W. Greenlee, age 36, physician and surgeon of three years standing, of Argentine P.O., Wyandotte Co KS, said that he was the last attending physician of Andrew Spurgeon who died at Turner KS on 3 Nov 1899, of diseased kidney causing uraemia poison; also had asthma, and slight congestion of the lungs.

M.R. Garrett, Recorder of Jackson Co MO, reported on 4 May 1900, that the marriage of A. Spurgeon and Miss A. Hardin, both of Missouri, occurred 14 Mar 1881 in Kansas City MO, and was recorded by T.H. Hagerty in Vol. 8, p. 217.

Affidavit, 14 May 1900, by Abbie Spurgeon, 208 North 2nd St, Kansas City KS, states she was first married to Robert Fowler in Apr 1863 in Worth Co MO; he died in the service of the US in Co. B, 35th Reg MO Infantry, and she drew a pension. She remarried James H. Harding in Sep 1864 and he died in Ray Co MO in Aug 1879. She remained single up the the time of her marriage to Andrew S. Spurgeon on 14 Mar 1881. She lived with him until about 1888 when he left. They had two children. He went away about eight months before her last child was born. He was absent about seven years, and she did not know where he was. He returned about five years ago and visited her frequently up to the time of his death. Andrew S. Spurgeon was married prior to Nancy Akers who died at Turner KS about 4 or 5 months before he was married to your affiant. She is not able to produce any record evidence of the death of James H. Hardin, or Nancy Spurgin, first wife of the soldier. Andrew S. Spurgeon left three lots with a box house of three rooms on the same in Turner, Wyandotte Co KS, in which one of his sons lives, being No. 32, 33, and 34 in Block 3, Lovelace Place, Shawnee Twp. They are not worth more than $100, and $80 is all that they could be sold for. She has a frame shanty, weather boarded up, consisting of three rooms, on leased ground, which is worth about $50. She has frequently offered it but has failed to find a buyer. Her household goods are not worth over $75. The said soldier did not leave any life insurance. She depends on her daily labor for support.

Neighbors Affidavit, 14 May 1900, Emma Carroll, age 48, of 215 North 2nd St, and Regina Jones, age 55, of 217 North 2nd St, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co KS, have known Abbie Spurgeon for 12-13 years; that they did not cohabit as man and wife up to the year 1895 when he returned; that we heard of him visiting her several times; that we have been creditably informed that she visited said Spurgeon during his last illness; that she is a hard working woman of good repute and earned her own support by manual labor; that she has not remarried since the death of Andrew S. Spurgeon. She has a frame shanty, boarded up and down, consisting of three small rooms in Kansas City KS which is not worth over fifty dollars in value if that. She has not bonds, stocks, etc; no personal property except her household goods which are old and considerably worn, not worth over seventy five dollars. There are no persons legally bound for her support. We have been informed that her deceased husband left a shanty and three lots in Turner KS, a little village of less than fifty inhabitants, and that it is now occupied by one of his sons of a former marriage. She has not derived any income from him.

Neighbors Affidavit, 16 May 1900, R.L. Hardin, age 53, of Birmingham MO, and W.E. Hardin, age 49, of Kansas City, Wyandotte Co KS, that they were acquainted with Abbie Harding [sic] from the date of James H. Hardingís death in Aug 1879 in Ray Co MO to her remarriage to Andrew Spurgeon about 15 Mar 1881, and she did not remarry anyone in between these dates.

Deposition, 12 Sep 1901, James H. Langford, age 64 years, of Kansas City, Wyandotte Co KS. I have been in the coal and feed business in this city about 14 years, and for the last 11 years have been located on the corner of James and Ohio Streets. I have known this lady (claimant) about 12 years under the name of Hardin. I know she has three daughters and one son with whom I am acquainted. They always went by the name of Hardin. I never knew her husband. She has been working in Armours Packing House and Fowlers Packing House the principal part of the time since I have known her. I regard her as a good honest hard working woman.

Deposition, 17 Sep 1901, Abbie Spurgeon, age ďabout 53,Ē of 204 North Second St., Kansas City, Wyandotte Co KS. I have lived in KS the last 20 years; in this house 8 years, and have lived within 3 or 4 blocks of this placed for the last 15 years. I am widow of Andrew Spurgeon who drew a pension of $6.00 per month, I believe. I was married to Mr. Spurgeon in Kansas City in 1881, April, I think. I had a paper showing the date but I sent it to the pension office. My first husband was named Robert Fowler. He died in the war and I drew a pension as his widow until I married Jas. H. Hardin or Harding, as it is spelled both ways. I married him in 1864 in Worth Co MO. He was not a soldier. I lived with him until he died and raised 4 children by him. He has been dead 22 years this last August. He died near Wellington, Ray Co MO. I remained a widow about 2 years when I married Mr. Spurgeon. He had been married before to Nancy Akers. I never saw her. She died in Turner KS ó I donít know just when, but I think only a short time before I married Spurgeon. He had grown children who told me about their motherís death. We resided on his property in Turner KS when first married. He had already sold that property and we lived on it only a month or so when he rented a farm of Mr. Surgey and a house of Mr. Barber at the edge of Turner KS. In the fall of 1881 we went to Ray Co and he bought a small farm 5 or 6 miles from Richmond. We raised one crop and then left the latter part of January 1883 and came back to Turner KS, and I followed him in March 1883. He then bought a lot in Argentine and when I came back from Ray Co, he was building a little house on it. We stayed in that house until the fall of that year and then we came here to Kansas City MO. We lived together here about a year, perhaps a little more. He left me about the 12 of March 1885. I had two children by Spurgeon. Carrie was born in April 1882. He left me in March and my second child was born in December following. I think about the 5th. No, I donít know in what year she was born. I think Carrie was three years old and from April to December older than the younger child, Mary Rosa. She died when she was about a year old. Carried was killed on Labor Day two years ago by the steam cars. I never knew what became of Spurgeon for 8 or 10 years. I was told he went off with another woman from Argentine. Her first name was Susan. Susan came to my house before I ever saw him after he left me and asked me if I was Spurgeonís wife. I told her I was. She replied that he told her I was dead, and she said she was married to him. I heard they went away down to Cedar Co Mo. I heard they went to Wyandotte Co to get a license and couldnít get married there. This woman Susan wanted me to join her in prosecuting Spurgeon for bigamy because we wasnít divorced you see, but I would not interfere in her trouble with him. After Susanís visit, I went up to Turner and saw Spurgeonís daughter Jane Powell to find out what was going on. Jane told me her father had bought a little place in Bonner Springs and had been living up there with Susan until this trouble commenced. What was the trouble about? He was jealous of his brother and I heard they had a big time and separated. I did not know of his whereabouts before this. To tell the truth, I was just glad to be rid of him. He had run off and left me so much that I got tired of him and didnít try to look him up. Oh, yes, I knew his children at Turner, but I never went up there. I had four children to make a living for and it kept me busy. Did you ever make application for a divorce from Spurgeon? No, I never did. I have lived in Kansas City ever since Spurgeon left me. I have worked in Armours Packing House and raised my children right here and am well known in the city. I had four children by Harding and they were all living with me when I married Mr. Spurgeon. The three oldest have since married and all live in the city and the youngest still lives with me. He will be 23 years old next March. He is unmarried. Did Mr. Spurgeon ever apply for a divorce from you? Never to my knowledge. I was never served with any papers. Most of my neighbors have called me Mrs. Harding since I moved into this part of town on account of my children going by the name of Harding. Did Spurgeon and Susan make a final separation and procure a divorce? Yes, I believe they did. Did you appear as a witness. No, they didnít have any suit. Jane told me that Susan was as bad as the old man. The old man promised to deed her the property in Bonner Springs if she wouldnít prosecute him for bigamy and I think he did deed the place to her. Then I employed Littick & Littick and was going to enter suit for the property. She had Dale as he attorney. The case never came up. It looked like the attorneys squelched the suit as it was put off from time to time and finally dropped. Spurgeon got very bitter against Susan and wanted me to get this property. The old man was living with his son Simon on his little place in Turner when he died. He wasnít well at any time after he and Susan had this trouble. He lived by himself on this place after he and Susan separated until Simon moved in. After he and Susan separated he used to come and see me and his children used to come also, and after he got sick, I went to see him and used to fix him things to eat, but we never sustained marital relations. Susan died before the old manís death ó at least he told me so when I visited him. No sir, I have never remarried; never even went with anybody after Spurgeon left me. Harrison and Jane told me that their father gave a woman $10.00 to testify at the courthouse that I was dead so he could get a license. Signed, Abbie Spurgeon.

Deposition, 17 Sep 1901, by Emma Carroll, age 48, of 215 No. Second St., Kansas City, Wyandotte Co KS. I have lived in Kansas City off and on 28 years. I have known Mrs. Spurgeon at least 16 years. I married my last husband 15 years ago last 4th of July and I knew her about a year before I was married. I never knew her husband Andrew Spurgeon. I lived close by her when her last child was born. Has she remarried or lived with any man since you have known her? Never that I know of. I never saw her even go with a man. Yes sir, if she had remarried I would have known it for many of my intimate friends know her intimately. By what name have you known her? I have called her Hardin on account of her little children, but she had two children, the youngest children called Spurgeon. I donít know anything about Spurgeon or any of his children except her two girls. Both of them are dead now. I donít know anything about her property. She lives in a board shanty near me. I understand she owns it. I know she has worked in a packing house for the last nine years; before that she used to wash and cook. How many children did she have named Harding? Four were all I knew. They all worked in the Packing House, same as she did. Three of those children are married, and the other lives at home the biggest part of the time with his mother.

Deposition, 18 Sep 1901, by Mrs. Mary E. Brown, age 49, of Argentine KS. I have been living on this place a little over 22 years. I knew Abbie Harding 22 years ago. She lived near me at the time and washed around the neighborhood to support herself and four children. She moved on to Babcockís place near Turner and was living there when she married Andrew Spurgeon. I think Spurgeon and Abbie were married in the city, and that night he brought her home to his place in Turner near the station. They didnít get along at all well. They separated twice and went together again and finally separated for good. It was said he married again without getting a divorce from Abbie. That was the general talk in the neighborhood. Witnesses were Mrs. R. Brown, and E.D. Harrington, the Special Examiner.

Deposition, 18 Sep 1901, Lydia Ann Spurgeon, age 39, of Turner, Wyandotte Co KS. I am the wife of Harrison Spurgeon, who is the son of Andrew Spurgeon. I was married to Harrison Spurgeon July 29, 1880. I knew Harrison Spurgeonís mother. We had been married just about a month when the mother died. She died right here in Turner. I have lived here since she died. Yes sir, he [Andrew Spurgeon] married Abbie Hardin. I think they were married in the court house in Wyandotte. None of us were at the wedding. The first wife died in September and he married Abbie Harding [sic] the next March. They lived together until they had one child born. They separated and went together so many times it is hard to tell when they did finally separate. The children seemed to be the trouble. I had to take his children and keep them. She wouldnít let his children stay with them. She went to town and went to work in a packing house. He came here and worked for Mr. Dreyer [?] for a long time, and then he married Susan Curtis. She lived in Dryerís place and I think she worked for them. Then he and Susan moved to Cedar Co MO near Stockton and lived together awhile and then they got into trouble and the old man came back here and left her over in Cedar Co. After awhile Susan came back also and they went together and went to Bonner Springs where he bought a house and four lots, I believe. They lived together there about a year when they parted and the old man went to Iowa to his brothers and Susan stayed at Bonner Springs until she died, about three years ago. My husband, his son Simon, and his daughter Ida, all went to Missouri with him. I went also. We went in the Fall and came back in March. I had a baby born in Cedar County in January, the winter we were there. He would have been 13 years old last January if he had lived (from January 1887). He never got no divorce and never applied for one. I know that to be a fact for I knew where he was all the while, and if he had been divorced from Abbie, I would have known it. How did he come to marry Susan Curtis if he wasnít divorced from Abbie? He tried to make out that Abbie was dead. No sir, the old man did not go back and live with Abbie at all. I donít know whether he ever went to see her or not. After he got sick, she used to come and see him but she didnít attend his funeral. Signed, Lydia Ann, her X mark, Spurgeon. Witnessed by Frank Spurgeon [?] and C. Robbins. [Note on bottom that record shows the above party married July 26, 1880].

Deposition, 18 Sep 1901, Simon Spurgeon, age 31, of Turner P.O., Kansas. I am employed in the So. West Chemical Works. I am a son of Andrew Spurgeon. My mother died in the Fall of 1880. Father afterwards married Abbie Hardin - at least he always said they were married. I understood they were married in Kansas City MO. I lived with them for about a year after they were married and then I went away from home. Their final separation was about 4 or 5 years after their marriage. I donít know the date. They were temporarily separated 2 or 3 times. He came out here to Turner and stayed with sister Jane for awhile and then went to work for Dreyer and was around there quite awhile, up to the time he got married again except about 3 months when he was in Cedar County near Stockton, 8 miles east from Stockton. I was in Missouri with him. All his children except Jane went with him. Did you and the rest of the children know Abbie was alive when he was married to Susan? I didnít know about her from the time they separated until about the time the old man and Susan separated. Then she showed up one day. It is my understanding that she is known as Abbie Harding in Kansas City, Kansas, where she resides. I canít tell you whether father had a legal right to marry Susan Curtis or not. I didnít know anything about Susan Curtis before she married father. She died about 3 or 4 years ago.

Deposition, 18 Sep 1901, F.W. Dreyer, age 48, of Turner P.O., Wyandotte Co KS. I am a farmer. I think it was 1885 I came on to this place. I knew Andrew Spurgeon as far back as 1876. That was before his first wife died. He married again but I never knew the woman. The most I remember about her is that he said she beat him out of a place he owned near Turner. What became of this 2nd wife? I donít know. It is my impression that he was divorced from her but I canít remember how I got that impression. No, I donít remember ever hearing that she was dead. I knew Susan Curtis whom he afterwards married. She was at one time the wife, or was supposed to be of George Curtis, who now lives in St. Charles, Missouri. He had some children by Susan. I donít know whether he and Susan were divorced or not before she married Spurgeon, but to the best of my belief, they were. It is my understanding that Spurgeon married Susan Curtis here in Wyandotte County. They were married about 13 years ago. He had been working for me off and on from the time I moved here if I recollect right. I donít know whether Spurgeon and Susan were divorced or not, but I know they didnít live together for quite awhile before the old man died. Susan is dead also, but I canít tell date of her death.

Deposition, 18 Sep 1901, J.J. Swingley, age 48 years, of Turner P.O., Wyandotte Co KS. I am merchandising - general store. Have been in business here about 21 years. I knew Andrew Spurgeon as far back as 1881. He lived nearby and died a short distance from my store something like a year ago. He was a pensioner. I executed his voucher. I donít believe I ever saw his first wife, but I knew his family very well. He has two boys and one daughter living here now. He was married twice after I knew him and had a lot of trouble with both of his wives. I did not know the woman he married until after their marriage. I have done a little pension business for her since Spurgeonís death but I canít recall her first name. I understand she lives in Kansas City, Kansas. I know he had a divorce suit pending something like four years ago, but whether in connection with this woman in Kansas City, Kansas, or with some other woman, I donít know. I never saw the woman he lived with in Bonner Springs. To the best of my knowledge, Spurgeon married the woman in Kansas City, Kansas, about 1890.

Deposition, 20 Sep 1901, Wm. Needles, Deputy Clerk District Court of Wyandotte Co KS has examined records from 13 Aug 1885 to 25 Aug 1895 and can find no record of divorce to which Andrew or Abbie Spurgeon was a party. Andrew Spurgeon, plaintiff, filed a petition for divorce against Susan D. Spurgeon, cause #11,813 on 26 Aug 1895, and upon trial, divorce was granted 24 Apr 1896.

Deposition, 20 Sep 1901, James C. Patrick, Deputy Recorder for Jackson Co MO, states that Spurgeon A. Spurgeon and Susie B. Curtis were married there by A.M. Allen JP on 23 Jun 1888.

Report, 21 Sep 1901, Claim No. 709,342, for Abbie Spurgeon, 204 No. 2 St., Kansas City KS, widow of Andrew S. Spurgeon, Co. D, 3rd Iowa Volunteer Cavalry. It appears that the soldiers first wife died in the Fall of 1880; that he married claimant Mar. 14, 1881; that he finally left her about March 1886; that under the name of Spurgeon A. Spurgeon he married Susie B. Curtis, June 23, 1888; that he applied for a divorce from said Susan in Wyandotte Co KS, Aug. 26, 1895, and that Susan turned the tables and secured a divorce from him on Apr. 24, 1896; that the soldier never applied for or obtained a divorce from Abbie the claimant. The marriage records of Wyandotte Co were searched for the period and nothing found except marriage of deponent Lydia Ann Spurgeon. A letter was addressed to the Clerk of Courts of Cedar Co MO to see if a divorce was secured in that county; answer in negative. Concluded that his marriage with Susan Curtis was bigamous and illegitimate and that Abbie Spurgeon was his lawful wife from the date he married her up to the date of his death. E.D. Harrington, Special Examiner. PS: It did not seem necessary to see Regina Jones. Sarah Jane Powell is dead. I did not see her husband, Alex A. Powell. He has removed to Bonner Springs and I did not feel justified in light of the evidence presented to incur extra expense to secure his deposition.

Bureau of Pensions, 21 Mar 1923, Elizabeth Hardin, whose post office address is 55 Blaine St, Kansas City KS, was on 9 Mar 1923 appointed guardian by the Probate Court of Wyandotte Co KS to Abbie Spurgeon, an incompetent, pension certificate #520,710.

Letter, 18 Jun 1925, from Mrs. Elizabeth Hardin, 53 [sic] Blaine St, Kansas City KS to Commissioner of Pensions, to inform that Abbie Spurgeon died on 5 Jun 1925 at 8:45 PM and was she entitled to the check that just came; was it the May or June check.

Drop Report, Pensioner, 22 Jun 1925, Abbie Spurgeon died on 5 Jun 1925. Pensioner last paid $30 per month on 4 Jun 1925.

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