Mother’s Declaration, filed 23 Dec 1870 by Louisa Miller, of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, age 55 years, who stated she was the widow of Jeremiah Spurgeon, and the mother of Edmon Spurgeon, a blacksmith, of Co E, 6th Reg., US Cavalry, who died on 6 Mar 1864 at Belle Island, near Richmond VA, of scurvy and camp diarrhea. She further states that she was married to her husband Jeremiah Spurgeon on 31 Jan 1833, and that her husband died in Missouri, date unknown. On 14 Nov 1842, she remarried to Geo. W. Miller, who has been crippled the last 10 years and unable to support her by his labor. She has no other children and no property, except 40 acres of a leased lot, 1 horse, 1 cow, and household goods. They had been dependant on Edwin Spurgeon for their support. She said that her former husband went to Missouri to purchase land about 1837 and she heard afterward that he took sick and died there, some person writing a letter to her and informed her of the fact. Her post office is Greensburg X Roads, Sandusky Co OH. Signed, Louisa (her X mark) Miller. Witnesses, A.B. Putman, Albert J. Bates.

Affidavit, 23 Dec 1870, Albert J. Bates of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, and A.B. Putman of Fremont, Sandusky Co OH, state that are acquainted with Louisa Miller, former widow of Jeremiah Spurgeon, now wife of George W. Miller, and mother of Edwin Spurgeon, soldier of Co. E, 6th Regiment, US Cavalry, and have known her for 28 years. The soldier left no surviving children under age 16 years. Soldier daily labored at his profession of blacksmith for ten years previous to his enlistment in the army. He contributed $10 to $15 of his earnings per month to his mother for her support and for her invalid husband. She has a small piece of land in Scott Twp. worth between $300 and $400, and has been under the necessity of making her support by weaving for her neighbors. Signed, A.B. Putman, Albert J. Bates, before J.R. Gephart, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.

Adjutant General’s Report, 11 Jan 1871, Edward Spurgeon enlisted 2 Sep 1861 at Cleveland OH and was assigned to Co E, 6th Reg, US Cavalry, for 3 years. He was missing in action 7 Jul 1863 near Funktown MD. He was a blacksmith. The roll for Mar and Apr 1864 reports him “Died March 6, 1864, at Richmond, Va while a prisoner of war.” The cause is not stated. He is on the rolls as Edward or Edmond.

Affidavit, 13 Oct 1871, Louisa Miller of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, stated that she is the mother of Edmond Spurgeon and applicant for pension claim no. 192738; that she was married to Jeremiah Spurgeon, father of Edmond, at Hancock Co OH on 30 Jan 1834, and that “he died about eight years after some place in Illinois as she was informed he was thrown from a horse and killed.” She remarried 14 Nov 1842 to George Miller with whom she is now living. She has resided in Sandusky Co for 25 years. Her only resource has been a small piece of land 40 acres, worth about $400. She is now getting too feeble to labor any longer. There is only one child, Lucretia Zimmerman, aged about 38 years, who resides in Missouri with a large family and contributies nothing to her support. The age of the soldier at his death was about 25 years. Until the time he entered service, he contributed his entire earnings for the support of the claimant, being employed as a blacksmith, working for almost everybody in the neighborhood. She received the soldiers back pay and bounty after his death from the government to the amount of $400. Signed, Louisa (her X mark) Miller. Witnesses, A.B. Putman, Francis Inman.

Affidavit, 9 Sep 1872, Louisa Miller, mother of Edmond Spurgeon, applicant for pension, says that the only evidence of the death of her first husband Jeremiah Spurgeon, father of Edmond, was a “report conveyed to her by letter from some friend in Illinois, that he had been thrown from a horse and killed, that he had left her some time before she received that letter which was in the year 1839 and she remarried in 1842, that said letter has been lost or destroyed.” Signed, Louisa (her X mark) Miller. Witnesses, George Krupp, C.E. Brunthaver.

Medical affidavit, 31 Jan 1872, Thomas Stilwell of Fremont, Sandusky Co OH, examined George W. Miller, age 51 years, 132 pounds, height 5 foot, 6 inches, light complexion, respiration 17, pulse 78, muscles accelerated by walking rapidly across the room, chronic bronchitis with cough and expectorations, complicated by asthma. Palm of left hand at some time the seat of an abcess.

Affidavit, 12 Feb 1872, Adams Bates and Horace E. Smith, Sandusky Co OH, state that Louisa Miller has dower interest in the west half, southwest quarter, Section 29, Scott Twp., 40 acres. The entire estate is not worth $600.

Affidavit, 12 Feb 1872, Wm. Inman, of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co, a land assessor for Scott Twp., states the present value of the land is $600.

Affidavit, 19 Feb 1872, Michael Putman, Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, says that Edmond Spurgeon supported his mother by blacksmithing.

Affidavit, 20 Feb 1872, David Earl of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, states that he had blacksmithing done by the soldier, and that he gave the money to his mother.

Affidavit, 20 Feb 1872, Samuel Earl of Sandusky Co states the same as above.

Affidavit, 4 Apr 1872, Amos A. Williams MD, of Fostoria, Seneca Co OH, states that George W. Miller, husband of Louisa, for the last ten years has been unable to do manual labor. He has chronic bronchitis with disease of the heart. In the palm of his left hand is a large “cicatux” caused by abcess. This has caused his fingers to contract, disabling that hand.

Affidavit (not dated), by Michael Putman and Samuel Earl, of Sandusky Co., are neighbors of George Miller, and he does just a little “drudge work about the house.”

Affidavit, 9 Sep 1872, Abel Manchester, of Scott Twp., Assessor of real estate, assessed 40 acres for Louisa Miller in 1858, which she still owns. The value was $214, and is now about double.

Affidavit, 30 Dec 1872, Albert Jeffries and Rebecca Jeffries, residents of the Town of Bowlinggreen in the County of Fayette, State of Illinois, state that they were acquainted with Jeremiah Spurgeon in his life time, and know that he was the husband of Louisa Miller, mother of Edmond Spurgeon. Jeremiah Spurgeon died in Fayette Co IL on or about the month of Aug 1854; that they state the facts from their own personal knowledge, having been present at the time and at his funeral and that they have no interest in the claim of Louisa Miller for pension. Signed, Albert Jeffries, Rebecca (her X mark) Jeffries.

Affidavit (date not on front), by Louisa Miller, of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, and applicant for pension claim no. 192,738, says that at the time she remarried on 14 Nov 1842, she was not aware that her first husband, the father of Edmond, was alive. Some time after he left her and went west into Illinois, his friends then wrote back that her husband had died in said state and that she always supposed he had died at the time said report was in circulation, which was a year or two before her present marriage. Signed, Louisa (her X mark) Miller. Witnesses, C.E. Brunthaver, Geo. W. Burkhart.

Affidavit, 27 Jan 1873, David Phillips and Andrew Putman of Scott Twp., Sandusky Co OH, have known Louisa Miller for 25 years.

Card, dated 3 Jan 1874, says that Edmond Spurgeon died 6 Mar 1864 of diarrhea at Belle Island VA.

Brief of Arrears of Mothers Pension, 4 Sep 1879, Louisa Miller of Rising Sun, Wood Co OH, states that the soldier died 4 Mar 1864, and that she has received a mother’s pension from 3 Jan 1871.

Pensioner dropped by death 7 Apr 1897. She had filed a Mother’s Pension Application 17 Jul 1873, as Louisa Miller of Greensburgh X Roads, Sandusky Co OH.

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