Declaration for Invalid Army Pension, 16 Feb 1880, Upton Spurgeon, age 41, of Caldwell Co MO, states he enlisted at Napoleon, Henry Co OH, 8 Oct 1861, as a Corporal in Co. A, under Capt. Richards, in 68th Regt. Ohio Volunteers, and was discharged at Louisville KY on 20 July 1865; and was in the line of duty near Corinth Miss in Apr 1862 and through exposure contracted bronchitis which greatly incapacitated him for manual labor. His post office is Breckenridge MO.

Report of Assistant Adjutant General [date doesn't show on copy], Upton Spurgeon, Private of Co. A, 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteers, was enrolled 8 Oct 1861 at Napoleon OH for 3 years; absent on recruiting service as a 1st Sergeant from Nov. 1863; re-enlisted Mar. 1864 as a Veteran Volunteer; discharged 31 Oct 1864; promoted to 1st Lieutenant 23 Dec 1864.

Letter, 28 Nov 1881, Upton Spurgeon, Curran, Sangamon Co IL to Wm. W. Dudley, Commissioner, Pension Office, Washington DC. "my place or places of Residence was in henry County ohio and my occupation was a farmer four 3 years immediately proceding my enlistment and I hav Bin a farmer ever Since and I am a farmer now Ilived in henry County ohio after I was Discharge from the armey untill march 2nd 1869 then I mooved to Caldwell County Mo and I was thair untill march the first 1880 and then I mooved to Sangemon County Ills and I am Still Living heair." [sic] Spurgeon adds that he was treated for bronchitis by Dr. W. K. Black of Brackenridge MO.

Adjutant General's Report, 29 May 1882, Upton Spurgeon, 1st Lieut., Co. A, 68 Reg., Ohio Volunteers, was mustered in 24 Dec 1864 for three years service, and was mustered out with company 10 Jul 1865.

Statement, 11 June 1883, Upton Spurgeon before Joseph Dickerson, Justice of the Peace, Curran, Sangamon Co IL. "What I am tryin to git pension on is Bronchitis. I was first atacked firs About the 10 of aprial 1862 whils near Shilow and Corinth the loses was exsposher and Layen out without Shelter the Second time I was atacked was durin the campan a Round atlanta georgea throu June and July 1864 I hav not Bin in the military or naval Ser[v]ice since July 20, 1865. Upton Spurgeon." [sic] He adds on a second page that he was treated in the company quarters at General Blairs near Atlanta GA.

Questionnaire, 16 Nov 1897, Upton Spurgeon states that his wife is "Susan Spurgeon her maden nam was Susan Balkey"; that they were married "September 5th 1867 By hugh gillson Justous of peas in henry County ohio". For children, Spurgeon says "one Amanda M. Dickerson Bornd August 6th Sixth 1868." [sic]

Declaration for Increase of Pension, 12 Jul 1904, Upton Spurgeon, age 66, Curran, Sangamon Co IL, has rheumatism affecting the whole left side of hip and leg to knee joint with severe pain; right elbow joint having been fracture and partially dislocated, has bad pain in joint of elbow of right arm and the fore arm has become crooked, also the right wrist has become impaired and the wrist joint enlarged; left wrist is injured in the little finger; cannot do farm work.

Affidavit, 9 Dec 1904, Upton Spurgeon, of Curran, Sangamon Co IL, claim for increase. Enlisted and was stationed at Napoleon OH about 1 Dec 1861. When in camp at Napoleon was going across a piece of ice near the camp when slipped and fell and dislocated right elbow.

Surgeon's Certificate, 1 Mar 1905, Petersburg, Menard Co IL, Increase, Upton Spurgeon of Carran, Sangamon Co IL, is disabled from disease of lungs, heart, eyes, bronchitis, injury to left wrist and right elbow, eczema of face, rheumatism, and senile debility. He was born in Hancock Co OH, is 67 years old, height 6 feet 2 inches, weight 180 pounds, dark complexion, gray eyes, gray hair, farmer.

Declaration for Pension, 23 Feb 1907, Sangamon Co. IL, Upton Spurgeon, age 68, of Curran, Sangamon Co., enrolled at Napoleon OH 8 Oct 1861 as a Private in Co. A, 68th OVI. Discharged at Louisville KY on 10 Jul 1865. Height, 6 feet 2 inches; dark complexion; black eyes; black hair; farmer; born 29 Mar 1838 Hancock Co. OH. In 1865 lived near Napoleon OH for three years, to Spring of 1869, went to Caldwell Co. MO and lived 11 years; in Spring of 1880 came to Curran IL and lived there until now. [Signed] Upton Spurgeon. Witnessed by George Babcock and George Berry, both age 20.

Declaration for Pension, 30 Mar 1908, Upton Spurgeon, age 70, of Curran Twp., Sangamon Co IL, enrolled at Napoleon, Henry Co OH, 19 Apr 1861, Private, Co. F, 14th Regt Ohio Infantry; discharged 13 Aug 1861; enlisted in 68th Ohio Infantry; discharged at Louisville KY 10 Jul 1865. Height 6 feet 2 inches, dark complexion, hazel eyes, black hair, farmer; born 29 Mar 1838 in Hancock Co OH; came back to Napoleon, Henry Co OH in July 1865, and in Spring 1869 went to Breckenridge MO; in March 1880 to Curran IL.

Declaration for Pension, 18 May 1912, Upton Spurgeon, age 74, of Curen [sic], Sangamon Co IL, says the ‘usual' information, except that he states that he was discharged at Cleveland, Ohio on 22 Jul 1865, instead of in Louisville KY. Witnesses were Roy Dickerson and John Todd.

Declaration for Pension, 19 Jul 1913, Upton Spurgeon, age 75, of Curran, Sangamon Co IL, gives the same information as on other applications, except that he states that the first discharge occurred at Toledo, Ohio in 1861 after three months service. Witnesses were Joseph S. Thompson and Myra Thompson.

Pension Questionnaire, 11 Mar 1915, Upton Spurgeon states he was born 29 Mar 1838 in Hancock Co OH; was in Co. A, 68th OVI, enlisting 8 Oct 1861. His post office was then Napoleon, Henry Co. OH. He was married 5 Sep 1867 in Henry Co OH by Hugh Gilson, Magistrate, to Susan Balky. There is no church record of the marriage to his knowledge; he had not been married previously; his wife had not been married previously; now living with wife. They had one child, living or dead, Amanda M. Dickerson, born 6 Aug 1868. [Signed] Upton Spurgeon.

Application for New Certificate, 12 Aug 1915, Upton Spurgeon of Curran Twp., Sangamon Co IL, Private of Co A, 68 OVI, and mustered out as 1st Lieut of Co F, 14 OVI, formerly drew pension from Chicago IL agency at rate of $30 per month; "that my wife died on the 25th day of May 1915 that after her burrial, where cleaning up the House, and some of the help must have burned up the pension certificate."

To Chief Finance Division, 14 Jul 1916, Check #1995618 for $90 returned by Postmaster with information that the pensioner died 12 May 1916.

Pensioner Dropped, 21 Jul 1916, Upton Spurgeon last paid $30 to 4 Apr 1916; and has this day been dropped from the rolls because of death on 12 May 1916.

Letter, 2 Mar 1934, E.W. Morgan, Director, Widows and Dependents Claims Service, to Mr. S.M. Spurgeon, Vandalia IL, reference his request for a war record of Upton Spurgeon, SC 302132. "A review of the file shows that Upton Spurgeon was born in Hancock county, Ohio, March 29, 1838; that he enlisted at Napoleon, Ohio April 22, 1861; that he was discharged August 13, 1861; re-enlisted October 8, 1861 and was discharged July 10, 1865; rank, 1st Lieutenant, Company A, 68th Regiment, Ohio Infantry; after discharge he lived in Ohio three years; in Missouri eleven years, and Illinois thereafter. He stated that he married Susan Balkey September 5, 1867 in Henry County, Ohio; that he had one child, Amanda M. Dickerson, born August 6, 1868. There is no mention made of his parents' names or the places of residence. It is possible that if you contact the Clerk in the County where he was married you may be able to secure the names of his parents." [This is our genealogist Rev. Samuel Marion Spurgeon in action!]

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