Affidavit, 28 Mar 1863, before William J. Mason, Judge of the Probate Court for Muskingum Co OH, appeared Mary Spurgeon, a resident of Muskingum Co., who was sworn according to law in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress approved 14 Jul 1862. She is the widow of William H.H. Spurgeon, who was a Private in Co. D, commanded by Captain Milton Mills, in the 16th Reg., OVI, in the year 1861, and who died at Camp Dennison, Ohio of disease (fever) on 10 Dec 1861, he having been left there in the hospital. She claims she was married to the deceased in Muskingum Co OH on 20 Jul 1848. She has remained a widow since his death. Signed, Mary (her X mark) Spurgeon. Same date, came James P. Egan and Edward Featherston, residents of said county, who state that the two had lived together as man and wife, and that after his death, his remains were brought from Camp Dennison to the applicants house from whence the interment took place. The couple had the following children, who reside in Dresden, Ohio, to wit: Lorenzo, age 14 on 23 Nov 1863; Franklin J., age 12 on 3 Mar 1863; Mary E., age 7 on 10 Sep 1863; and William H., age 2 on 1 Jul 1863. She appoints John H. Ash of Dresden OH, her attorney, to receive in her name a certificate of the pension allowed.

Adjutant General’s Report, 15 Apr 1864, that William H.H. Spurgeon enrolled 13 Sep 1861 at Dresden OH in Co. D, 16th OVI, became a Corporal on 2 Oct 1861 at Wooster OH, and “Died in Hospital at Camp Dennison, Ohio December 10, 1861.”

Surgeon’s certificate, 25 Oct 1864, B.B. Brashear, Surgeon, of the 16th OVI, at Camp Chase OH, states that William H.H. Spurgeon, of Co. D, 16th OVI, was sick with fever while in the line of duty on 6 Dec 1861 at Camp Dennison OH, and that he died on 10 Dec 1861.

Brief, dated 28 Nov 1864, in the case of Mary Spurgeon, widow of William H.H. Spurgeon, Corporal, Co. D, 16th Ohio Volunteers. The marriage of Harrison Spurgeon with Mary Gander was shown in the county records duly certified. The Adjutant General’s Report shows Spurgeon was mustered in 2 Oct 1861 and died in the hospital at Camp Dennison on 10 Dec 1861. The surgeon’s certificate shows he died of continual fever. Admitted 28 Nov 1864 to a pension of $8.00 per month, commencing 10 Dec 1861.

Claim for Increase of Widow’s Pension, 3 Dec 1864, Mary Spurgeon, widow of William H.H. Spurgeon, Corp’l., Co. D, 16th Ohio Volunteers, a resident of Muskingum Co OH, Dresden P.O., states they were married 20 Jul 1848, and had three children, James Franklin, born 3 Mar 1851; Mary E., born 10 Sep 1856; and William H., born 1 Jul 1861 Certificate for $8.00 per month, commencing 10 Dec 1861, was increased $2.00 per month, effective 25 Jul 1866. Passed 23 Dec 1867.

Widow’s Declaration for Increase of Pension, 6 Oct 1866, before John Hoopes, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Muskingum Co OH, appeared Mrs. Mary Spurgeon, age 38 years, of Dresden PO, Muskingum Co., the widow of William H.H. Spurgeon. She is a pensioner on the Columbus, Ohio Agency, at $8.00 per month. Her children by her late husband are: James Franklin, born 3 Mar 1851; Mary E., born 10 Sep 1856; and Willie, born 1 Jul 1861. She constitutes R.W.P. Muse of Zanesville OH, her attorney. Signed, Mary (her X mark) Spurgeon. Witnesses, Elon Jones, Geo. A. Peffer.

Affidavit, 6 Mar 1867, before David Jones JP, Muskingum Co OH, came Mrs. Mary Spurgeon of Dresden OH, the widow of William H.H. Spurgeon. She has pension certificate no. 55088, but requests additional. She has supported all children under age 16, not letting any of them be adopted.They are Franklin, born 3 Mar 1851; Mary E., born 10 Sep 1856; and Willie, born 1 Jul 1861. There are no baptisms or other public record of their ages. The physician, Dr. Pearce, who attended her at the birth of her said children, is dead. Elizabeth Cason and Elizabeth Shafer were present at the birth of her children, Mary E. and Willie. Signed, Mary (her X mark) Spurgeon, before witnesses, R.W.P. Muse and A.O. Muse. At the same time, appeared Mrs. Elizabeth Cason and Mrs. Elizabeth Shafer, who say that they were present at the births of the two children, and saw her son Franklin shortly after he was born. Witnesses, Alice Jones, H. Jones.

Affidavit, 11 Nov 1867, Noah Stull appeared before David Jones JP, in Muskingum Co OH, and stated that he knew William H.H. Spurgeon, and Mary Gander, and that he was present in Dresden on 20 Jul 1848 when they married. Signed, Noah Stull. Witnesses, H. Jones, David Jones.

Affidavit, 30 Nov 1867, before me David Jones, JP, of Muskingum Co OH, came Mary Spurgeon, who stated she was the widow of William H.H. Spurgeon, deceased, and she had made her application for increase of pension as the mother of William H. Spurgeon, the son of her deceased husband, No. 38088; that the correct name of the child is William H., but for a short time, they called him Willie. Signed, Mary (her X mark) Spurgeon. Witnesses, Melissa Jones, David Jones.

Card, widow dropped by death on 17 Dec 1902.

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